How to work flexibly and be effective are hot topics at the moment and topics that Louise Webster, Founder of Beyondtheshoolrun has been focusing on since the birth of her first child over 10 years ago.  So much so that she developed a platform to empower mothers to do just that in order that they can continue with their passions and purpose alongside caring for their children.  Beyondtheschoolrun was born in 2012 from her passion to create better flexible working hours to enable talented parents across the country to combine parenthood with work.

Never has this subject been so key and here Louise shares her top tips on how to not only work flexibly but to work with great efficiency and fulfillment.

  1. Be clear on your goals and key objectives the day before.   Don’t wait until that morning to write your to do list.  
  2. Invest 30 minutes or more on exercise or whatever it might be that clears your head.  This may seem like a waste of valuable time but it will pay off with clarity of thought and more energy.
  3. Start with the hardest action on your to do list and work down from there, utilizing your brain at it’s most optimum at the start of the day.
  4. Create a space in your house that is clear of all other distractions with items that inspire you.
  5. Once you are in your flow, do not be distracted such as by answering the phone unless or checking Instagram, just focus on the task and complete it.
  6. Stop multi tasking complete one item at a time.
  7. For a fulfilled day it is beneficial to have the following elements and these can take the smallest amounts of time:
  8. Exercise
  9. Mindfulness
  10. Community (as simple as going to your local shops to buy the newspaper)
  11. Giving
  12. Learning
  13. You want to feel fulfilled at the end of each day that you repeat the same again with the same passion and focus, the above will help with that.
  14. Create structure and discipline as if you are working from an office.
  15. Get dressed so you feel empowered, you may not need to dress as smart but still get fully dressed for the working day.

Louise Webster is the Founder of the platform to inspire, engage and connect parents with their skills and talents in the hours available to them and the Author of ‘A New Way for Mothers.’   In the book Louise shares tips and wisdom on creating a flexible routine, working effectively within short windows of time and from home which is available on

“Flexible working is such an important subject and one that we can all benefit from at different stages of our lives in particular during the parenting years.  We all have individual skills and talents and once collectively utilized I believe will benefit not only the individual but us all.“


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About the Author, Louise Webster

Louise Webster launched in March 2012 to help unlock the talents and skills of parents for their well-being and the wellbeing of society.  Beyondtheschoolrun has developed a strong community of parents, been featured in a range of media, received two invitations to No.10 Downing Street and was listed one of the ‘Top 58 British Tech Startups for 2014’ in UK Business Insider.  Louise won ‘Britain’s Top Real Role Model 2014.

About is the platform to inspire, engage and connect parents with their skills and talents in the hours available to them.  The platform includes the website, social media channels, including their Facebook group ‘Flexible working for mums’, You-tube channel and newsletter.  


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