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The pandemic has befallen everyone’s morale. Be it an SME or a large scale organization. The unannounced crisis has taken a toll on the self esteem of the employees. Human resource management team has planned various measures such as opting HR management software,  to tackle challenges that can resolve the technical glitch of remote functioning. But it is  essential to boost the team’s morale and motivate them to maintain the productivity curve of the organization. 

Let’s delve a little and discuss few tips that can help an HR to boost employee’s morale during pandemic:

Build a room to communicate

Communication is the key to smooth functioning of any organization. Cloud based applications such as HR management software provide a secured room for the teams to communicate. It is essential for the HR to communicate with the employees. As it is the HR’s responsibility to convey information related to updated laws for Covid or change in policy implemented by the organization. Cloud based software such as HR management software easens the task of notifying the employees of newly implemented laws and changes imposed by the admin team. 

Share vision for future steps 

A sudden lockdown did take a toll on the morale of employees. During such times employees look up to their leaders for motivation to continue working with the same zeal. Future plans implies hope. Future planning could be for issues such as planning work from home modules for the second wave of covid, details related to new ways of rewarding employees to lift working spirit. Ideas that impart visions related to increasing profit margins during covid. Sharing such visions boost the employees spirit and keeps them motivated. 

Keep an eye on employee’s mental health

Sudden transition to work from home and isolation took a toll on the mental health of the employees of every organization. As shifting from office to remote functioning did come with few adverse consequences as well. A hampered economy of the country had salaries slashed to half, termination of the blue collar employees, etc. with such a pessimistic environment hampered inner peace became inevitable. Superiors started to recognize the importance of mental health. HRs introduced programs and activities to boost employees’ mood and even organized anonymous polls to keep a track on the mental health of the organization. 

Plan new ways to appreciate employees’ hard work

Usually employee recognition included felicitation of the employee with rewards that implied bonus or appraisal. With the pandemic many organizations faced a hard time due to the declining economy. This eliminated appraisal for many employees. The admin team had to come up with new innovative measures to appreciate employees’ hard work. A time paid off for the employee to take care of their family, virtual engagement to boost morale, introduction of badges and credit points on cloud based application for further use proved to be a great initiative. 

Encourage new activities

Cross team collaboration became a challenging task while functioning remotely. Cross team collaboration plays a pivotal role in ensuring smooth functioning of the organization. It is essential for the HR to strategically plan projects encouraging cross team collaboration. As it helps the employees to feel more united as a team. This motivates the employee to invest more efforts as he/she realizes the worth of their work and feels responsible for the development of the organization. A healthy relationship among the employees ensures a healthy workspace. HR software is designed in a way to encourage such collaborations. Such software assures that HRMS can function with minimized possibility of hassle. 

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These are few such tips that can boost employees morale during such difficult times. In light of the current rising cases of covid these tips can assist the HRMS team to be fully equipped with software for HR and such strategies that will provide shelter during the second wave.