1. Begin your day proactively.

Every day is a golden opportunity to make your busines thrive and earn profit. It’s so important to start your day proactively rather than reactively. In order to get into a good headspace before the day begins, it’s advisable to plan in advance to make a good schedule of what you will do that day and stick to it. Another thing is to set all the requirements that you will need ready and available for that day’s business.

2. Free yourself from distractions.

Whenever you let anything distract you in your business the outcome can be deverstating. Growing a successful business takes time and focused work, without interruptions. Don’t allow your friend and your peers to challenge you negatively. This will lower your morale in business and your concentration will decrease. The outcome would be that you see yourself as a failure and a loser. Turn off email and social media notifications that do not add any meaning and value to your business. Don’t allow others to dictate your priorities. To create your schedule and stick to it.

3. Treat yourself

Whenever you feel like losing concentration or your start feeling your business is becoming monotonous it the right time to kill this burnout. Finding the best cure for burnout is taking action right away. This should incorporate doing something completely different and unrelated to work. Things like going for a nice meal, catching a movie by yourself, hiking adventure, trips and camping are some of the activities that can help you kill your burnout.

4.Right advice, guidance and help

Fear and worries are the main challenges that everyone experiences whenever they wish to start a business. But with the right advice, guidance, and help from experienced experts, you are good to go. I recently started an online marketing business but, without the help of the inner profit circle, my dream would have been all a nightmare. Having an experienced person to guide you in any business that you wish to start or one that is ongoing is a key element in thriving up.

5. Spend your extra time with your family

Nothing beats building a fort with your family. Put the cellphone away and force yourself into a different situation where you can’t focus or even think about work. It clears the mind, refreshes the spirit and re-aligns priorities for clearer thinking.

6. Clear your mind

Wise men said all work without play makes Jack a dull boy. Exercises are one of my focal points in clearing my mind from work and any business stress. I thank God that I have the advantage of working from home almost all year round, and I have a certain routine I follow that makes me more productive. It may be counterproductive for some people but it helps me clear my mind. I start my day doing my highest priority activities. At that time, I take my dog for a walk and jogging exercises. This helps to reset my mind and brainstorm and new ideas


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    Biomedical laboratory Technologist

    Labbotecth Campany

    Dr. David  Nyoro is a board-certified  Biomedical Laboratory Technologist with more than 10  years of experience, now practicing in Kenya. He is an expert in operation, production and analysis of modern medical laboratory diagnostic tools and kits.