How to get a more positive mindset back

It can get to everyone. Even the people you can least expect. Dig a tiny bit deeper and you’ll find that men, women, senior leaders, team leaders, parents, literally EVERYONE can suffer.

Here’s how I deal with it when it strikes, and what I coach my clients to do.

Firstly, recognise that it is happening! Sometimes we are so used to talking about ourselves in a negative way that we don’t even notice. Once you’ve spotted that the imposter has raised their heads then you can start to act to squash it back down again.

Recognise your successes as they happen. Often we completely overlook our own talents and achievements, because they become our default setting. ‘Oh – I just do that naturally’ is often what people will say when failing to recognise their own top skills. When we can understand WHY it was that we got the promotion in the first place, we can appreciate the effort and skills that got us there. Make a list of everything that you are achieving on a daily basis. This will help you see what others see in you. Write down every good meeting, every well organised email, every thank you. You’ll build up a bigger picture of what it is that is being appreciated.

Once you have the list, analyse it. What are people grateful for? Is it your personality? Is it your skill in organising? Or is that you see the human being at the end of the Zoom meeting? Whatever it is – take note.

Sometimes, when we have been promoted we can forget all the hard work we have done to get there. Another exercise is to look back at everything you have done to get to where you are now. Write down everything that it took: every qualification, every training course, every wine and dine, every meet and greet, the tricky conversations, the interviews, the sales pitches, the presentations. Remember why you are deserving of this role.

Noting and remembering those positive moments and actions that you took throughout your journey can be really helpful to get your brain remembering the good things that have happened and help you to focus on your worth.