Starting up a business involves a lot of commitment, research and planning, then there is the execution.  Then, when you launch, there will be a lot of risk-taking, important decisions to be made, lots of wins, and some mistakes along the way.

These challenges can range from figuring out how to market your business, conduct business development, growing revenue, managing staff, staying engaged with clients, and slow sales to debts, finding the time to get all the work done, balancing personal and family time, taking care of your physical health and other commitments.  All these factors can create stress and anxiety, and it is important to manage stress while maintain and growing your business.

Managing and lowering stress is important, as it affects your ability to focus and impacts your health.  Entrepreneurs often sacrifice their health, but at what cost?   Healthy bosses contribute to a healthy business.  Here are a few tips on ways to lower your stress below:

Delegate.  You can’t, nor should you, be doing everything.   It’s important to delegate duties, even at the start-up level, and when you do delegate, stick with it.  Employees can and will make mistakes, but that doesn’t mean you should take on tasks that others can work on.  Your role as a leader is important and juggling so many responsibilities can be very overwhelming and stressful. Division of labor can yield great results; stay cognizant of this, so that you don’t take on too much.

Avoid procrastinating on important tasks.  When it comes to the tasks you have to do, don’t avoid doing the bigger tasks first.  While it might seem easier to tackle the smaller things, big things impact your business in big ways.  Also, procrastination only contributes to the pile up of work.  So, plan your day and tackle the important stuff first. 

Get in the Gym.  Exercising is another important tool to manage stress. Exercise lowers the body’s stress hormones. It also helps to release endorphins (Natural pain and stress fighters in the body). Cardio exercise, yoga, or massage therapies are all advised in this regard.

Schedule time off.  Schedule days off just to relax, plan a weekend with no work or a staycation.  Relaxation helps to restore physical energy as well as maintain emotional balance. It can improve your mood and make you more productive. 

Spend time with family and friends.  Don’t forget what’s important.  Make sure to spend time with family and friends to keep yourself grounded.  Family time can help you get through stressful times. Family and friends can help you relax… and laugh.  Laughter is a stress-relieving technique that can also improve your mood.

Avoid caffeine.  Caffeine is a stimulant mostly found in coffee, tea, chocolate, and energy drinks. While these drinks are okay in small amounts, high doses of caffeine can increase anxiety, and make it difficult to sleep.

Pursuing our dreams is an important part of finding fulfilment in our lives.  The entrepreneurial journey can be a wonderfully wide ride, lifechanging and bring so much joy.  It can also be easy to get carried away with the desire to succeed and forget to take care of yourself, but if you are not healthy, you can’t achieve or enjoy meeting your goals.  Try implementing these stress management tips into your life.   You’ll definitely find more joy in your entrepreneurial journey.

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