In the US, people are likely to move almost 12 times in their life and whilst this number is significantly less in the UK and Ireland, there’s no doubt that moving house can be stressful in many ways. Not only does it involve a lot of preparations, decisions and the pressure of keeping on top of everything so that it goes smoothly, nothing is lost and all your possessions are intact. But it also requires a huge effort to successfully sell your home in the first place. If you are not a property expert, it can be quite difficult and cause even more things to worry about on top of all the normal stuff.

So, if you are selling a house (or going to) and stressing out about it, I’d like to invite you to read a few tips I gathered from an estate agent which will help you settle your mind and make the whole selling process go smoothly and stress-free.

How To Prepare Your House For Sale?

If you want to get the best possible price for your property, you have to ensure that it looks perfect. Before you put your house out on the market, make sure that you take care of any worn-out parts or any areas that look a bit run down. Refresh your decor by repainting the old interior/exterior parts, clean the carpets, conduct the necessary maintenance so that it makes the best first impression.

The kitchen and bathroom usually play a vital role in that first impression for the potential buyer, so make sure they look great. Maybe, you can replace or renovate the taps, cabinets, tiles, etc. Also, your gardens could be particularly important feature, so make sure they look fresh, well-kept and welcoming. Prune the trees and bushes, maybe plant some more flowers and mow the loan. Just ensure that your home is spic and span and demonstrates it’s potential.

How to Increase the Number of People To See Your House?

First of all, remember to take photos of your house using a good camera and it’s best to take photos when there’s lots of light, be that during the day time for outside shots or the morning/afternoon depending on which aspect your house faces.

Secondly, you have to set a realistic price and have your estate agent to market it effectively. An efficient marketing strategy for your property should include placing it on the big property portals in your area, advertising it online via e-mail and the agent’s website as well as contacting potential buyers who are interested in a property like yours.

How To Reduce Selling Costs?

One of the most cost-effective ways to sell your house is through an online estate agent rather than a traditional realtor. Online estate agents usually charge a fixed price fee for their services, not a percentage of the sale, so you will save a significant amount of money. But it’s a case of caveat emptor, as online estate agents usually have a bad reputation or don’t have the experience needed to get you the best price.

How to Determine the Price?

The best way to set a value for your property is to price it realistically in the first place. If your house is really attractive for the potential buyers, they will accept your price if they want to get it. On the other hand, if the price seems too high and the interest too low, you can always reduce the price.

Naturally you’ll want to research similar properties that have been sold and have your auctioneer provide you with the valuation of your house to get an understanding of what price you should set. Be careful though and don’t set the price too high or too low: in the first case, it can repel the potential buyers and prolong your sale indefinitely, or with the price too low, the buyers may think that something is badly wrong with your house. It’s best to take the advice of your agent on board.

How to Make the Sale Smooth?

First, make sure you’re working with the right auctioneer – find the one that has experience with selling property like yours and is on the same page as you. Ensure the buyer has everything prepared on their end, e.g., mortgage and deposit.

Throughout the entire sales process, the buyers will have multiple questions for you, so be sure that you can answer them promptly and clearly. Also, have all the paperwork prepared and handy.

So, if you plan the sale thoroughly and hire the right people to help you, your house selling experience will be smooth and stress-free.