Thursday will close out 2020. Everyone I talk with is anxious to see this year end. Unfortunately, many are not that excited about the New Year.

Most share concern about the ongoing pandemic, the unknowns about the new vaccinations, and if we will ever get back to what was considered “normal.”

I’m blessed that some of my associates and ALL my mentors are excited about the New Year.  Hearing and sensing their enthusiasm is very encouraging to me.  I love interacting with optimistic, positive people.

If you’re excited too, congratulations!  If not, hopefully, today’s thoughts will help.

Friday begins a New Year. 2021 is only four days away. Can you remember where you were last year at this time? One thing we know for sure, last New Year’s Eve, none of us were planning for what we experienced, endured, and survived in 2020.

2020 taught us that we should never rest on our laurels.  There are numerous people that were comfortable where they were in life a year ago, that are not comfortable now.

Whether it was a pandemic, a fire, or some other tragedy, most of us have learned, being comfortable can leave you unprepared for what the future holds.

Can you remember where you were three years ago, preparing for 2018?  It seems like those 3 years flew by!  Before we know it, the next 3 years will fly by and 2024 will be upon us.

Make no mistake, 2024 will arrive.  The question is how will you arrive?  Will you arrive with a road map of accomplished goals or will you arrive happenstance? Coming in when the wind blows?

How you spend your time, planning, working, measuring progress, or lack thereof, with any of these things, is strictly your decision.

Let’s face it, if you allow others to plan your future, it’s likely they won’t plan much for you.

I encourage you to plan immediate, short-term, and long-term goals.  It would be an honor to assist you in reaching them, watching you achieve more than you thought possible.

I’ll start by sharing some tips on how to positively impact your results in 2021 starting today!

The senseless killings in the news, the coverage on the pandemic and never-ending rise of healthcare costs, are disturbing and emotionally draining.  You must be the gatekeeper of your mind, choosing to keep the negativity out.

The constant and expanding negative news coverage is increasing fear and a sense of hopelessness. Unfortunately, there are mentally ill people. There always has been.  Before TV coverage and the internet, the information sharing was sub-par compared to today’s capabilities.  In the past, people felt safer because they didn’t have access to the information available today.  You will feel better if you quit listening to the news (and gossip)!

There will always be risks.  Think about being in a car.  When you apply the brakes or turn the steering wheel, you trust they will function properly, or you’d never go anywhere. Most cars function properly.  Problems are rare.  The same holds true with people.

Whether we return to work in offices or continue to telecommute; whether the vaccines work, or we continue to wear masks; it’s important to remember, we have taken hits, we have been knocked down. We are strong. We have survived. We continue to have opportunities.

Instead of focusing on the struggles and what has been lost, start your own economy.  Instead of complaining, go to work and keep improving your skills.  If you have lost your job, start a business. If you have a job, start a side business. (Those that are now selling customized masks used this strategy!) Having multiple cash flow streams is the key to security, just like having multiple job skills will help with employment.

Don’t wait for health insurance or medical advice. Be proactive. Start taking vitamins & mineral supplements. Get regular exercise and proper rest.  Eat healthier. You can improve your health, possibly even repair damage caused by poor habits in the past.

Change things up!

Start each day with expectation.  In life you get what you expect not what you want.

Give something to everyone you meet.  It can be your smile, words of recognition, a handshake or sincere kindness.

Worrying about events that are outside your control is a leading cause of unhappiness. 

Live a life of gratitude.  When you wake up in the morning, spend 5-10 minutes thinking about what you are thankful for.  Before bed, think of at least one thing that happened during the day you’re thankful for. 

Keeping a Gratitude Journal is one way to improve relationships.  Every day for a year, make daily notes of why you are thankful for someone special. This will cause you to look for things to be grateful for.  Your relationship will become magical! You Are a Gift is a journal that will help you.

Spend less time thinking about what you want to do in life and spend more on who you want to be. Work harder on you than you do on your job.

Learn something new.  It will keep your mind energized.  You’ll feel a sense of accomplishment.

Stay away from the dream stealers.  Limit or eliminate the time you spend with people that make you unhappy, with no life and no goals.  (Yes, family is included.)  Hang out with people that encourage you, have creative ideas and stimulating conversations.

Design your life. Most people spend more time planning a vacation than they do their lives. 

Comfort is a powerful oppressor.  As people get into a routine it’s very hard to get them to risk moving out of it. Yet it’s only when you try something new or see things in a new way that you can cast off the everyday chains that bind you.

Typical thoughts create typical results. Joining the crowd is a recipe for mediocrity.

Successful people do what unsuccessful people won’t do.  There’s never traffic on the extra mile.  There’s plenty of room at the top too!

Average success is often based on setting average goals.

Successful people don’t think about winning one race. They plan and expect to win multiple races.

When you see someone struggling, give them hope. Let them know you see something in them, that you believe in them.  Belief is incredibly powerful. When someone believes in you, you’ll always remember them.

As you work towards your goals, your success will be determined by your beliefs, your attitude, your emotions, and your actions.

Your beliefs are most important.  Your beliefs determine how you feel.  Your feelings dictate how you act.

What prevents most people from success is their fear of failure.  However, if you don’t act, you fail automatically, so there’s nothing to lose.

Remember, there is greatness within you. You must choose greatness. It won’t develop on its own. I believe in you!

“Instead of focusing on what you must do, focus on who you must become.”

Take Action Today!

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Happy New Year!

Published by Bryan M. Balch, Results Coach

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