Stress Out

Digital marketing jobs are quite demanding. This is because digital marketers often need to deal with several demanding clients, cumbersome workloads, and unavoidable deadlines. Over time, this can result in lots of stress that can cause burnout. Unfortunately, burnout doesn’t only affect the quality of your job, but it can also make you lose some clients and impact your health.

Therefore, it is essential to learn the following tips that can take the stress out of digital marketing and avoid burnout.

Separate your work from your personal life

Whether you are hired by a digital marketing company or working as a freelancer, you may struggle with separating your work from your personal life. This struggle can come in the form of working into the night, coming home with some works, or even doing overtime. Although these things can make you look like a diligent digital marketer, they will lead to burnout.

Therefore, you should learn to separate your work from your personal life. Have a daily and weekly to-do, and try to accomplish the tasks. Once your contracted hours are over, you need to stop working. The only exception could be when you have an important deadline to beat.

Have an annual content calendar

Another important tip to reduce your stress is learning to use an annual content calendar. Otherwise called editorial calendars, content calendars help you to keep track of your marketing plan for the whole year. You can see what you need to do, what you have done, etc. on the calendar. Overall, this calendar will make the job easier and more straightforward for you.

Delegate duties

The truth is that you don’t have to do everything, especially if you are a freelance digital marketer. In other words, you can delegate duties to your partners or subordinates and still get things done well. By delegating duties, you will share the workload with someone else. Consequently, you will get enough time to deal with your personal life, have fun, and take care of yourself so that you will not experience burnout.

Notably, you may have a hard time finding the right person to hire. But you can take the time to train someone to meet the particular standard you want.

Prioritize self-care

According to some studies, burnout is associated with strokes, diabetes, and heart attacks. It can also lead to anxiety and depression. So, you must strive to avoid these mental and physical health issues by prioritizing self-care.

Self-care activities usually include eating at the right time, taking some time off to play and relax, participating in meditation, yoga, and other forms of mindful exercises, etc.

Sleep more

In a bid to meet all deadlines, many digital marketers often sleep lesser than they should. Unluckily, this can have a telling effect on their mental and physical health. To avoid these issues, you should try to get things done on time and sleep for at least 7 hours every night. If possible, request more time to deliver the job.

This may look difficult for you to achieve at the beginning. However, as you continue trying it, it will be a routine for you.

Automate your marketing tasks

Many marketing tasks can be automated. So, for such tasks, you don’t have to stress yourself to handle them manually. All you have to do is to automate them and get things done easily and timely.

For instance, if you usually send emails to your clients at a particular period, you don’t have to handle the process manually. You just have to use an email automation program to schedule the email once it has been drafted.

Learn to say no

If you are a freelance digital marketer, you may want to always take all new jobs that come your way. However, taking new jobs when you are already with the existing ones is a leading cause of burnout. Therefore, you must learn to turn down jobs when you cannot handle them. Although outsourcing can help you to handle more jobs, you must be certain that your subordinate can do a good job.

If you are taking lots of new jobs before you are not making enough from the existing ones, you should consider demanding more reasonable pay.

If you can follow the information above, it will be easier for you to take the stress out of digital marketing and avoid burnout.



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