I’ll bet for a lot of you the Stay Home order is causing alot of anxiety and overwhelm.
Do you know what the true source of anxiety and overwhelm is?

Do you think it’s your job, wondering if you can pay your bills, genetics?

Does it feel like everything around you could fall apart, especially in these uncertain times?

What about when life goes back to ‘normal’? What do you think that will do to your anxiousness?

Times of unknown just exacerbate what you were already feeling but were too busy to notice.

Let me share with you what the true source of anxiety is.

Anxiety comes from not having a strong foundation of inner knowing and self-leadership.

The reason that it feels like anxiety comes from external sources is because we’re focused on external things to feel good.

And as long as we’re looking around for other things to provide satisfaction and fulfillment we’ll always feel at the whim of others, of how the wind blows, or what the President is or isn’t doing.

What if it didn’t have to be this way? What if feeling good, and feeling certain was a choice?

How would you feel different? How would your business and life be different?

Think about that for a minute. How much better would you feel if you had the knowledge and skills to guide yourself from the inside? That you could plan for uncertain times before they arrived by looking above the crowds and seeing what’s coming?

The most successful people do just that. They don’t have a magical formula.
Warren Buffet knew the market was going to drop this spring. He’d been stockpiling cash for months before it did, so he could buy stocks cheap when the market fell.

Tony Robbins and others had already pivoted their businesses because they knew fewer and fewer people were going to be able to spend thousands of dollars on programs.

They don’t have some magic formula. They didn’t know this because they’re wealthy.

They’re wealthy because they’re inner driven. They are self-led, not guided by the pack.

They don’t just have their head down, hoping things don’t change. They’re constantly scanning the horizon and looking above the crowds, from a place of inner strength. They know change is  constant and continuous. Rather than resisting the change, they are excited about it and doing what they can to be prepared for what’s next.

How self-led are you?

Self-leadership and inner mastery is how you survive and make better decisions in uncertain times. If you know it’s coming, you prepare. And even when you don’t know it’s coming, you have a strong foundation, to weather the storm, and pivot quickly.

I spent the first 30 years of my life being outer led, and other directed and having a lot of anxiety, fear and overwhelm to show for it. I now have a foundation of self-leadership and inner guidance that I share with others.

It’s not too late to change.

It’s not too late to build a strong inner foundation NOW so that you CAN have a thriving business and powerful relationships no matter what’s going on in the world. 

Take Charge of your Life!