“Tis the season.” We’ve heard the phrase many times. According to Merriam-Webster, it means to “draw attention” to what is known as the holiday season.

In the popular Christmas carol, Deck the Halls, one of the lines is “Tis the season to be jolly.”

As we start the week heading into Christmas, this year, 2020, is a year, where many people are struggling to be jolly.

In addition to struggling to survive a pandemic, there have been countless jobs eliminated. Entire neighborhoods and communities have been destroyed by fires. Loved ones have been lost.

During a time when people enjoy holiday shopping, feeling the positive energy and listening to Christmas carols piped into each store, this is a year where restrictions are in place and most shopping is being done online.

At a time when people are used to having holiday parties, sharing in laughter, hugs, and exchanging of gifts, we have “contactless payments,” “deliveries without signatures,” and more rules to stay apart than holiday justifications to gather.

These tough times are the reason, “Tis the season” must carry on! One of my biggest role models recently shared with me, This is not the year to get everything you want. This is the year to appreciate everything you have.” (Thanks, Mom!)

This is the time to appreciate all those that have poured into your life. From your parents, to teachers, friends, family, and even enemies! All of us are a result of the people in our lives. We have learned from countless people. Sometimes, we learn from observing strangers. Think about all the authors you have learned from and been entertained by without ever having met them.

Every amenity that you have at your fingertips is a blessing that is often overlooked. The fact you can go to a store to buy food, with huge selections, is a blessing that your great grandparents never had.

While “Tis the season” to appreciate everything you have, I encourage you to take it a step further. Think about all that you have that you really don’t need. Look at all the clothes you have in your closet that you haven’t worn in a year or more. Look at the stored blankets, and extra linens that haven’t been touched. Look at all the toys and games that are no longer used. Books that have been read (or never read). It’s likely you have more dishes, pots, and pans, than you’ll ever need or use again. Maybe you even have lawn tools in the garage but no longer have a lawn.

“Tis the season” to make a difference to those you don’t know yet know could use your help! There are homeless shelters, churches, Salvation Army and Goodwill locations, and numerous organizations, all trying to help more than they have capacity to help.

“Tis the season” to give your camping equipment to those living in make-shift tents. There are families that have lost all their personal belongings in fires. Imagine what one pair of earrings or necklace would mean to a woman’s self-esteem as she tries to find employment. The same can be said for the man using a suit you haven’t worn in years.

Think about the joy you can provide children you’ve never met by giving games, playhouses, and clothes.

Imagine the warmth and comfort your stored blankets will give to the homeless community.

“Tis the season” goes beyond Christmas. “Tis the season” goes beyond material things. “Tis the season” includes giving compassion.  It is showing empathy. It is kindness.

As you prepare for Christmas and the New Year, I encourage you to think about a full cup. If you ask someone if a full cup can hold any more, most people will say no. The answer is yes if you pour some out.

Giving starts the receiving process. Whether your house or life is full, the best way to assure you will receive more is to give more. The most rewarding gifts you can give are those given to individuals and organizations that can never repay you or replicate the kindness you give to them.

“Tis the season” to give for the sake of giving. Give to those without. Give to those you have never met. May “Tis the season” never end for you. Unfortunately, there will always be those in need.

My wish for you this season is to experience the feeling of giving to those less fortunate, those that can never return the favor. Once you experience the feeling, “Tis the season” will never be the same for you again.

Remember, there is greatness within you. You must choose greatness. It won’t develop on its own. I believe in you!

“The wealthiest is not the one with the most, rather the one that needs the least.”

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Merry Christmas, to You and Yours!

Image by Terri Cnudde from Pixabay.com

Published by Bryan M. Balch, Results Coach

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