That “whoever sings their ills is astonishing” everyone already knows. What many people still don’t know is that listening to music can be an excellent ally for health.

Tito Tahan is an American multi-platinum producer, sync licensing expert, entrepreneur, author and keynote speaker. Tito gained popularity for his music production on TV & Films viewed on BET, MTV, VH1, OWN, HBO, Lionsgate, etc. Tito Tahah Shares benefits of listening to music to improve mood, to get relaxed and to be free from stress.

Listening to music improves mood

After a hard day at work or spending hours in traffic, putting on your favourite music will help improve your mood. If you’re feeling down after work and just not in good mood to talk to anyone. Just switch on the radio and see the difference in your mood.

Music Improves Sleep and prevents insomnia.

Suffer from insomnia? Calm music can help you fall asleep and make your night more peaceful. Opt for classical music, instrumental or nature sounds, so your body and mind will relax and you will be able to rest all night and be ready to face the day’s activities early in the morning.

Musc increases productivity at work

The music you hear at work directly interferes with your productivity, in simple tasks, you can listen to music you like or know, so the brain will perceive music as a stimulus for the monotony of the task. For more complex actions or learning, it is better to listen to simpler music, without difficult lyrics, so that the brain does not interpret it as a conflict and has difficulty performing both activities at the same time.

Music helps better physical exercise

Need more willingness to exercise and don’t know how to motivate yourself? Assemble a playlist with animated songs and listen to them during practice. The right songs will improve your mood, give you mood, increase your stamina and reduce your perception of effort, so your performance will be better and the moment more pleasurable. Listening to your favourite music, after training helps in recovery, the body feels renewed with greater speed and even after a lot of effort, with the strength to perform other tasks.

Listening to music helps to relieve stress

Listening to your favourite music decreases cortisol levels, thus decreasing chronic stress levels. Some research even claims that listening to music can have the same effect as a massage to reduce anxiety and stress. Singing in the shower is a great remedy to relieve all tension after a stressful day at work.