By Neha Srivastava

The digital age has led to increasingly stressed individuals who prefer to have their morning tea/coffee on the run. Morning meeting, presentation stress, weekly review leave no time for these go-getters who are aging faster than they know. Of course, they chill on weekends they say, but does the body also need relaxation only on the weekends? Even the least initiated know that relaxation harbors a rejuvenated mind. Then why are our crazy-for-the-next-promotion-and/or-award individuals neglecting this very important fact?

There are ways in which a person can relax their body and mind without spending too much time. Of course, there are flash meditation techniques that can be utilized for immense benefits. But there are other ways in which people can give their racing minds a much-needed breather.

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Enjoy Your Morning Tea or Coffee

Don’t trade this time for even the best salary hike in the world (okay, just that one occasion, maybe). These 10 minutes must be your relaxation time either with yourself or with your spouse or parents. Do not think about work at this time.

Tend to a Plant

Get at least one plant and give it mindful nurturing. While you do that, even if for 2 minutes a day, don’t think of work. Experience the love towards the life you are nurturing.

Feed a Stray

Oh the joy of feeding a hungry animal! Of course, it is difficult to come across many stray animals in the metro, so maybe you could do with the birds in you balcony?

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Take a Walk

Whether in the office corridor or near the parking lot of the office or even from your cubicle to the office loo! Walking releases endorphins which can help you relax.

Take a Power Nap

The wonders it can do are really under-documented! Sitting for long hours on the computers can really stress you out. Taking a 10–15 minute power nap during the lunch break or evening hours can help relax your eyes and release stress build-up.

Have Interesting Conversations

Digital technology has made us its slave. We even ping our cubicle partners at times! Turn around your chair and do some small talk. What do you think about that hot new guy who has just joined? Or what about helping that friend in office who wants to participate in the next marathon?

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Originally published at on February 21, 2017.

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