I have the right 
To laugh at what amuses me
To sing loudly to beautiful songs
Songs old and new, human songs
I sing mine.
It might move your feet to tap and dance
The song is sweet 
It sounds like freedom

I am here to be human.
To laugh, fall and cry,
To be strong, to be weak
I have not lost my way 
I follow the path that unfolds  
Scared and vulnerable,
My feet will take the distance one a time
I am the journey.

I have the right to say no
To change my mind, 
To make a new decision
Bear with me as I figure it out
I will express myself 
I am here
It pleases me so
It sounds like self-acceptance

I put myself first
I make my own mistakes
The stars shine in all directions
It might confuse you my way of being.
I have chosen this  path
I am here to let go of expectations
To find my way.

I will say yes
To new experiences 
To feel the warm sun on my skin
To new opportunities
Scared and trembling
I say yes 
And feel strong

I have the right to be wrong
To get it upside down
To have no idea what the next step is
It might look easy from the outside
I choose to embrace my mistakes
It will not always be easy
But I will remind myself that the joy is in the travel
It is not in the destination

I am here,
To be tall, short, dark or fair,
To have short nappy curls
It is not my curse
It is my joy

I am a mystery and a wonderful story
What the next chapter might be
An ever tantalising story
Cascades off divine lips 
A soul trapped inside a body
Exhilarating lung-fulls
What does it mean
To dance to the wind