Motivating yourself is necessary to keep you excited in living life in this difficult time. Because this spirit will indirectly affect mental health.

The pandemic period is characterized by a tense atmosphere. Various kinds of fear are felt by almost everyone. This unmanageable fear will make a person more depressed. In fact, such conditions should not be protracted.

Excessive fear can affect the whole body. The mind is not calm, and the immune system will decrease. As a result, health problems will occur.

The Role of Others in Motivating Yourself

When you have difficulty creating laughter yourself, you are advised to be more open. You need someone else who can stimulate this.

Even though other people feel the same way, you can still establish communication with them. At least, you can share things that have been experienced. Can even share tips on how to prevent boredom or anxiety during a pandemic.

Seeing that other people can get through this situation casually, you will certainly be intrigued to do it as a form of motivating yourself. Namely, you can do various things which can make the atmosphere much more comfortable and safe.

Talk about who you can contact, the first person is the parent. Parents will always provide peace. Seeing or listening to advice and support is felt in the heart. Because they are the people who love you the most, as well as care most about the health of their children.

Besides parents, you can also contact friends. Establish communication as it should. Then create an exciting chat atmosphere with him. Then, you will feel the same atmosphere as normal days when you talk with him.

Then the next one is a psychologist. Psychologists can be very useful partners to help in solving some of the problems faced by someone. Especially those related to psychiatry.

A psychologist faithfully listens to your complaints. Whatever burdens the mind will be digested, then given the right solution to relieve it.

Currently, you can consult via internet services. There are already many places that can be utilized. You just simply choose one of them. Then, start making casual conversations about a number of problems.

By establishing communication with skilled people, your heart will be raised. The atmosphere that was not pleasant now will return to normal. As a result, you can enjoy life like nothing happens that is considered big and full of burden.

Tips for Restoring Confidence in Pandemic Times

As a form of maintaining physical and mental health, we invite you to motivate yourself by eliminating excessive worry. For example, eliminating the worry of being infected, restless because of declining income and so forth.

How do you get rid of it? You just need to think positive. Among some tips to make you think positively during a pandemic are as follows.

  1. Believe in the Capability of Medical Personnel
    The 19th plague spread throughout the world. Every country continues to try to fight this virus. And one of the fighters who are at the forefront is a medical officer.
    At this time, you are only asked to remain at home. Follow all kinds of instructions from the government to speed up the termination of the spread of the virus. Of course, while maintaining health by exercising or consuming healthy food.

    Meanwhile, you also need to trust the ability of medical personnel who work in the field. All his abilities were mobilized to solve the problem. In a way, they also want to immediately enjoy a normal life as before.
    Keep in mind that the ability of medical personnel is very good. You can see how they treat patients. This is evidenced by the more patients who recover each day.
    The recovery obtained by Covid 19 patients is certainly enough to make you able to eliminate excessive worry. At least, this virus can be handled through the hands of medical personnel in the field.
  2. Remembering the Beautiful Moments That Have Been Passed
    Changing a frenzy mind in a more pleasant direction is a form of self-motivation. This can be done by reminiscing about beautiful moments in the past. This is the most effective and fastest way to change a person’s mood.
    Beautiful memories like gathering with family, playing with peers in childhood, or vacationing to exciting places in the past are worth remembering. At the very least, remembering it can drive away the loneliness at the same time can restore the laughter that has rarely stopped due to the fear of corona.
    Here, you can share your memories or recall them with the people you have invited. For example memories from childhood, you can bring this story back with the same partner in childhood.
    Remembering a funny story, silly, or interesting will change the atmosphere of silence. Anxiety that has been felt slowly will fade. The fruit, you will be more excited.
  3. Make Vacation Plans After Pandemic
    Motivating yourself will be easier and more successful if you limit all kinds of news related to the covid outbreak 19. Although it can’t be blamed if the news media also needs it. Frequency of seeing sad news will only make you feel more confused. This is very unjustified. It would be better if you eliminate the condition.

    You do this by busy yourself like designing a number of exciting activities in the future. Even though you know it’s still in a pandemic, at least the dream of enjoying future excitement can neutralize fears of an epidemic.
    A person’s mind will usually be more focused on things that are happy. Thoughts like this can simultaneously strengthen mentally. For example you are absolutely sure if you can get through this period and can realize the planned vacation.
  4. Believe in your self that the problem is easy
    In addition to applying the above method, you also need to strengthen yourself by believing that you will not experience problems. You are strong and can survive the pandemic safely.
    This belief is proven by continuing to maintain health. Starting from diligently consuming healthy foods, sports, to following government directives such as physical distancing to using masks.
  5. Be Grateful for What You Have Right Now
    Gratitude is the most effective way to get happiness. Everyone knows about it. And now it’s time you need to do it. Gratitude is closely related to satisfaction and deep gratitude. This is a form of accepting what has been felt so far. Especially in a pandemic, you still survive and are still blessed with health.

    Likewise, you still have a place for shelter, food for consumption and so forth. At the very least, it’s important to maintain hope that you still have many things that other people might not have.
    In conclusion, always develop a sense of optimism within. Build your confidence, and keep thinking positive when waiting for stable conditions. That’s more or less the way to motivate yourself.