Photo by Vlada Karpovich

This morning as I was going through my usual yoga, journal, reading — my ‘before technology’ routine, a really wonderful thought came to me. Mondays are have become my easy chill weekday. How did this happen? I designed it this way.

We are living through so many redefining moments that are truly opportunities for all of us. Life is different, our work life is different, here is your opportunity to reimagine how you manage your time.

Through my years of working for others, Mondays were often dreaded days. It was the first day back to work after what was usually a fun or restful or both kind of weekend. Mondays came with a strong pot of coffee.

Today as a creative entrepreneur I get to choose how my Monday looks, and typically it looks unscheduled, fairly open for the unexpected, and not dreaded. I don’t allow appointments on Monday unless it is the ONLY option.

By making this choice, I find time for planning (meaning I don’t have to spend my Sunday thinking about ‘work’. I’ve become very selfish with my time and how it’s spent. Why let Monday steal from Sunday night?

If you’re reading this, my guess is you run your own business or you are weighing in on the idea of going out on your own. If you do own and operate a company, how can you gain more control over your days and what they look like. Have you considered ways you can reorganize your days of the week to make Monday almost as pleasant as Friday?

You have the choice of planning out what makes the most sense for your company and for you. If Mondays feel daunting before you even leave your house, perhaps a realignment of tasks and meetings is in order.

Of course, occasionally, there will be those meetings, or staffing issues. But for the most part, are you exercising control over your own time? Why not be the true boss of yourself and your time? Isn’t this why you chose to ride the wave of entrepreneurial life?

It’s possible you are still thinking like an employee, or that you are working to the expectations of others.

I invite you to email me to learn more about how I can help you manage your time and your work days so they seem less like work.

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