Over 27,000 unique downloads of my podcast.

Zero marketing spend.

I picture standing in front of thousands of people.

Teaching them about anxiety, stress management and how to stop procrastinating.

It is wild.

I remember recording my very first episode.

It is the only episode I re-recorded (twice). I just wanted to help people.

I had read so much dis-empowering misinformation online.

I had become an expert in these areas through learning, personal experience and training.

Mainly I learned by FAILING and moving forward to try again. That really

Each week I hear from people all over the world letting me know how it has helped them.

This week alone I heard from Japan, Germany, New Zealand, the UK, and across the US.

I am hearing how the content and work I am producing is helping people transform their lives.

I am growing my business and finding my people through creating authentic, consistent, valuable content.

I know that you are scared to try something new, to be vulnerable, to put your work out there.

I get it.

I was too.

But it isn’t about you.

Do it for the people you will help.

If you are struggling, contact me I am happy to help.

Oh, and be sure to listen to the podcast by clicking here