perspective shift in the works…

Today I feel weird.

Not happy, not sad, slightly empty and maybe a little agitated. It is a beautiful day. Yet, I didn’t get up early. I didn’t practice yoga, meditate, journal, pray, or walk the dog this morning. 

I’m O.K. you’re O.K.

You know what? It is O.K. Because, of course I feel weird and nothing seems normal. Nothing is normal, whatever “normal” is. 

I’m weird, you’re weird

Maybe you feel weird too? It is O.K. It is O.K. to feel whatever you are feeling right when you are feeling it. That is what being human is! There is nothing wrong with you.

50% good

We are all organic; living matter. Living means changing, no matter how much we don’t like change, it is a constant. (I know that is an oxymoron.) We are not promised 100% bliss and sunshine from the inside out 24/7. For even the most positive of thinkers, life is 50% good and 50% not so good with varying degrees of each fluctuating constantly. 

My trifecta

We do get to chose how we react to all of it. My knowledge of mindfulness, life coaching and yoga are the trifecta I employ to help my clients train their bodies and minds to show up to what is here, now, in a way that allows them to experience all there is to life. Which keeps them moving in the direction of their dreams even on days where they feel weird! 

Honor the gift

Feeling weird today doesn’t mean I didn’t teach a great yoga class, or love the people around me, and it doesn’t mean I still won’t do the things I love today. But first I’ll honor this gift of my human life including my messy emotions. No stuffing, just compassion and creativity.

Invitation for you:

Would you like a compassionate, creative guide help you to honor your whole messy, beautiful, lovable, weird life? 

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