Carrying on with what you have matters a lot. Because it’s the journey that we cherish later.

I had many ideas to start with after my schooling.
Every day one more idea got added to the bucket.
The bucket started overflowing.
Only to see the ideas turning to businesses,
I realized what I lost.
The bucket never got empty.
The ideas never turned to implementations.

With a heavy heart,
I sat down to wonder what stopped me.
Was it my scared mind?
Was it my low self-esteem?
Do the tangy society comments matter?

Only to recognize it was inside me.
The fear that a tight hold over me.
The mind that acted like a slave to the fear.
The situations that ran in my head over and over again.
The assumptions of failures gushed down my spine.
The battle between the realities of life & scenes that played on repeat in my mind; was a long & tiring one.

To end the commotions of mind & fear,
I then started a journey.
To wander amidst the realities & dark assumptions my mind made,
To drop off the fears I had in me,
To start looking beyond the nuances of life,
To train my mind to follow my instructions and
not give me his own.

I realized why turning hobbies to a profession mattered,
why doing something else than the crowd mattered,
why comparing myself to someone was terrible,
what mattered to me isn’t the world’s fame,
but my progress towards the goal.

Day by day as I improved,
I found the fear inside me,
fading away.
The darkness vanishing as the
self-worth lamp lit.
The low self-esteem now,
stood high with tag changed to self-confidence.
The tangy comments weren’t tangy now,
but instances to laugh on.
I grew.
I improved.
I progressed.

And that’s how I learned the value of self-worth,
The value of a fearless mind,
The value of self-comparison,
The importance of consistency,
The price of unimplemented ideas.

Time will never be just right.

A plead to all of those who find themselves confused, frustrated, demotivated by the circumstances around you.

Do not wait for the time to come.

Do not wait for all chords to strike at once.

Start today.

Start right now.

Tomorrow might bring you a step closer to your goal.

Tomorrow might challenge you to take a step closer to your goal.

Tomorrow shall come & will come to make you realize the worth of today.