It’s been drizzling rain here on Mothering Sunday but still it remains warm. Yesterday when the skies were clear and blue I took a walk around the local area and stopped to gaze across the lake as the sun began to depart for the day and I asked the universe when will this all end? I watched the sun dip and the birds sweep across the water and remember thinking maybe it had ended and this was just the beginning, a new beginning.

Walking back I saw people out holding hands, walking their dogs and actually talking to one another. I saw children, even teenagers out with their parents laughing and being close. I noticed less traffic, less noise, less anger. 

As I cut across the grass I came upon a small bumble bee on the floor, I looked down and saw it didn’t have any wings and couldn’t fly. It seemed calm as I looked down and I thought if this was its last moments on earth I shouldn’t be from down here. I put my finger down and crawled on as though it knew I was trying to help. I placed the bee on a honeysuckle plant just in view of the sun and I stood there with the bee as the skies turned orange and I wondered what that bee and I were sharing at that very second? Together we were sharing the wonders of life in all its spectacle together, both going in different paths but for that moment, that second in time we were together. 

Nature is wise, and it knows what we need more than we do. With all our haste and impatience its nature that’s hit the reset button on us all in the strangest of ways. Before this virus took over the planet did we ever stop for a moment to see what was really important? our heads buried in laptops instead of watching the stars. 

How the world has changed before our very eyes, and although times ahead are uncertain and scary be sure of one thing, nature knows best and the universe will direct you at the pace you need and to the destination it has conspired for you.