If only every person in a position of leadership, trust and power would adopt this view.

Recently I purchased Simon Sinek’s book ‘Together Is Better’ and I absolutely love this unique little book. The illustrations depict a children’s story, however the quotes that are alongside them pertain to leadership. I gave it to my youngest and said “Don’t read the words, just follow the pictures on each page.”, as I wanted to see if the story could be followed by a child without reading the text. Well she could understand the whole story without reading a word. ‘Together Is Better’ is full of inspiring quotes from different people and Simon himself has written a few pages with his own leadership beliefs in the mix.     Essentially Simon Sinek says and believes that leaders are there to look after their people, recognising that with a united team, you can achieve anything and that leading is about serving, as opposed to the notion of  a lone leadership style that takes, takes and takes from their people, and I whole heartedly agree.

When people have been put in a position of trust and/ or power over others, in any setting, whether it be a business, school, church, fundraiser, non-profit org. etc. they have no right to treat people like their slaves and constantly looking for ways to take, take, take from people for their own gain, as if  it’s their right to own others thoughts, actions and actually their lives. So many people get it around the wrong way. As a leader the only thing you owe to the people in your care is to genuinely look out for their well-being and ask what can be done to help them, so they can fulfill their role successfully.

If you are under a person who has a leadership style that makes you feel fearful, not valued and seeks to get the very last drop of sweat from you (physically and emotionally)  like they are wringing out a face washer, then I would strongly suggest you consider a change of scenery. People have no right to narcissistically control and manipulate other people that they are accountable for – how dare they.  It is only when people start speaking up and decide not to agree to be under this kind of leadership will we see a change. I know some people don’t have an immediate choice to just up and leave this style of control, however I would say to those people to start putting actions in place for an exit from whomever is treating them like an object and not a human being. I have been in those situations where people have been put in such a position of trust and power  and have been just so abusive, controlling and used the emotion of fear to impose on others for their own gain, under the guise of what is ‘honourable’.  Finally I spoke up and yes they vehemently opposed me, because let’s face it, their pride and authority was being challenged, however, it was the best thing I ever did and actually regretted not doing it sooner.

This is not a blog to tell people to be rebellious to whomever has been given the authority and been put in a position of trust over them, it is a blog to say to leaders:

you have no right to treat people in this manner and the reality is you are not really a leader and should consider doing some leadership training and take a long hard look at yourself –

and to the people who have to endure their tyranny:

you are worth more, the more people stand up for themselves the quicker the world will rid itself of these types of leaders.

It is so true – together is better – one person cannot achieve as much or truly be fulfilled without others contributing to their goals (which is a two way street) , their cause or whatever other name you want to call it. I could not be fulfilled as a person and have achieved  the vision of writing children’s books and then seeing them published come to pass, without my; illustrator, editor, publisher, web designer, the bookstore owners, book reviewers, the people who have bought my books, the precious children who have loved my books, fellow authors and most importantly the love and support of my family and friends. Life is about giving, serving and genuinely caring for others well being – it’s about the people along the way, not the money.  Life is better together.