At Palette, we are more than just a café. We are a community. As your world may feel like it is upside down right now during this global pandemic, what if we stuck to this simple mindset? “We are more than just who we think we are alone. Together we are a community.” Simple, right?  

Photo Credit: Jessica Lang with The Social Localist

As a community, we are strong, and we are magical individuals that rely on each other. Because friend, we need one another right now and to tell you the absolute truth, I need you in the same way that you need me.  

So, get comfortable and let me tell you why it is important to stay positive, whether that means screaming at the top of your lungs to your favorite song over Zoom or breaking out in dance in the middle of the street with neighbors (obviously six feet away from each other). It’s the little things that bring a massive smile to your face and to others. And smiling amongst the chaos is totally okay. It will actually benefit you in the long run. 

For you: It’s time for you to put your own oxygen mask on first. There is no negotiation with this because you cannot delegate breathing, okay? In other words: be gentle with yourself. Take a shower and make your bed. Braid your hair and pet your pet. Write your emotions and thoughts (or a stream of consciousness of your favorite swear words) in your favorite journal. Any action you take to care for you gives you the little something extra to approach this uncertainty with a little flex!

For your kids: It’s a tough realization, but your outlook affects those around you, including your kids. They pick up on everything, and I mean everything (whether it’s good or bad)I understand that is a big responsibility, but you know what? Do your best. 

Take them for a walk around the park or make pizza at home. The heck with it, you don’t even have to try that hard. Give them a cardboard box to destroy. We’re all adults here and we know everything isn’t always perfect. That’s when I say, try your best and good will follow.  

Photo Credit: Alexandria Eigo Photography

For your community: Swiping through social media on your phone, you are bound to see these three simple words — “support small business.” Grab that cup of joe from your local coffee shop, get takeout from the restaurant down the block, buy gift cards from your local hairdressers or retailer.  

Or keep it all digital and write some reviews about the businesses you love. This solution is free, makes a long term impact on the business and will help to bring new customers to the places and people you support. If you’re friends with a local business owner on social media, send them a message and say, “What’s up, pal? How are you?!?” Make their day with a little personal connection. 

In reality, you may be one of the small businesses being affected. So, do you know what I am about to say? Stay positive!  

That delightful drink you’re bringing curbside to a customer may be what makes them smile today. A delicious carb-loaded plate of pasta is perhaps exactly what a person needs to get through what they’re trying to get through. What you and I both know is that we are here for them. In return, they are here for us and that is a community. 

Photo Credit: Alexandria Eigo Photography

When it all comes full circle, (say it with me): “We are more than just who we think we are alone. Togetherwe are a community.” 

Stay courageous. Stay uplifting. Stay positive 

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Your biggest supporter,  

Catherine Hover 

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