If there was any question, after last night’s SuperBowl win, Tom Brady solidified his position at GOAT. He has worked hard to earn and keep this title. 

He has dedicated his life to playing football and winning Super Bowls. 

He is committed to a lifestyle that allows for super human performance. 

He goes to bed by 9 pm every night and allows for 9 hours of sleep. 

He keeps a rigorous fitness and nutritious diet routine. 

He avoids alcohol, caffeine, sugar, and late night snacks.

Some people think this is sad. 

Some wonder if he is missing out on.

Some think by not partying, or eating junk food, he is perhaps living a narrow life.

I think I would have thought that too when I was drinking.

As a drinker, I thought a good time was, the opportunity to drink as much as I wanted.

I considered limitless alcohol consumption to be freedom, celebration, and rebellion.

Looking back, I see alcohol, as the lock, on the cage of dependence, that I was in. 

As a sober person, my value system has changed.

I no longer value over indulgence in things that make me feel bad.

I like to feel good instead.

Feeling good and having good health is the reward for treating myself with care and kindness.

I don’t need cheeseburgers, beer, or cake as a reward for anything. 

My tastes have changed since ditching the drink.

I drink green juice every morning.

It not only tastes fresh and delicious, it also makes my cells happy.

It is not an attempt to recover from unhealthy choices.

Healthy nutrition to me is self care.

Exercise is a celebration of my body.

When I was drinking, my fitness routine was my punishment for ingesting toxins.

Sweating it out was part of my detox routine.

Now, I do yoga everyday, as a form of self care.

Yoga is a daily free massage that I give myself.

My body feels better with movement, not worse. 

I go outside because nature is my church and walking is my moving meditation and prayer.

These activities bring me peace and joy.

I love tucking into bed when the day is done.

I live my days to the fullest being as present as possible.

There is nothing left on the table when my head hits the pillow at night.

I don’t need hangover food, alcohol, or late nights for a good time. 

I don’t think it’s sad to live a life centered around health and wellbeing. 

I don’t have a fear of missing out or not getting enough.

The inner contentment of taking care of yourself is enough for me. 

Feeling good inside and out is winning to me. 

Both Tom Brady and I like to win!