Too many of us are not living our dreams because we are living our fears

There are a lot of things that we human beings fear. Some fear loneliness while others fear heartbreak. Some people fear spending their lives alone while others fear love. Some fear becoming successful while others fear failure. If there is one thing I learned in life, that would be some people are living their fear, because they are afraid of their dreams. They believe that they do not deserve good things to happen to themselves. They believe they will never be able to attain anything they put their mind to. And that is how they go wrong in life.

We attract what we feel. We manifest what we think. If we keep thinking negatively, how can we manifest positive things in life? If we keep feeling negative, how can we attract good things in life? What we human beings do not realize is that it is okay to walk away.

Not only from a relationship, but also from a job, an opportunity, a career, a major. or a degree that causes us nothing but self-sabotage and makes us feel like we are living in a prison of life. Toxic situations are not worth our time, energy, or dedication. You cannot spend the rest of your life committed to a career that makes you feel like you are not living life in a proper way, as you really should.

Forgive Yourself, You Deserve It

So many of us spend our present drowned in the misery of yesterday. One thing you can do is to move on and forgive your past self. Forgive your past self for not doing the things you should have done a long time ago. Forgive your past self for choosing the wrong career option. Forgive your past self for taking the wrong decisions in life. Forgive yourself. It might not be easy, but at the end of the day, it will all be worth it.

You deserve to be at peace. As the saying goes, love conquers all. If you love your dream enough to give up your sleep for it, why can’t you get rid of the fear residing in your heart? Why can’t you let the love for your dreams heal the ache in your heart? Why can’t you let it make you into the best version of yourself?

Follow Your Passion, Your Dreams Deserve Your Time and Care

Always dedicate your time, attention, and care to your dream. Because one day you might wake up and realize you lost a dream of yourself, a dream you once cared about and loved more than your own self remains no longer. Release the worth of your passions before it is too late. To give up is easy, that is why most of us do it. We fear the inevitable. But the truth is, no one is aware of what tomorrow holds.

We are all living life without a clue of what tomorrow holds. If we all knew what the future held for us, wouldn’t life be boring? Life is too short to live in fear of following one’s dreams. Life is too short to give up that easily. Don’t underestimate your ability to achieve something. If you know that you can do it, then anyone else’s opinion should not matter. By underestimating yourself, you are causing self-harm to yourself. 

Love Yourself and Find Something Worth Living For

One of the most crucial steps in attaining one’s dreams without living in fear is to love oneself. Because if you don’t love yourself, then who will? Your love is the only love that will make you complete, make you whole. To attain success in life, confidence is crucial. But no matter what you do in life, don’t forget to love. Love everything and everyone. Love your mother and father before they are gone.

Love your brothers. Love your sister. Love your friends. Love your teachers. Love your colleagues. Love your classmates. Love. Love. Love and love from the bottom of your heart. Because a clean heart is very important in attaining success, a person with good intentions goes a long way in life. Find something you are passionate about and let it be the only reason for you to live. Find something that makes your heart skip a beat as you are doing it.

Find something that makes you forget about time. Find something that makes you believe in living your dreams, something that makes you content, something that makes you satisfied. The road to success is often lonely. But the destination is beautiful.

Nearness to God Will Save your Life

God is with you. He is there to hold you when you fall down. He is there to remind you from time to time, that he will save you from any difficulty that might come your way. There will be days of faith and there will be days when you would be angry with God. You would question Him, why He had to put you through all the pain, all the struggle, and all of the obstacles. You might not know this, but God is the all-seer, the all-knower. He knows when you weep in the darkness of the night. He knows when your heart is so broken, you can barely get out of bed. Just have faith, even if the future does not seem bright, just have faith. 

Make good Friends – They Define Who You Are

In success, friends play a very important role. You are the kind of person you surround yourself with. Surround yourself with people who are older than you, people who have excelled in the career field you are aspiring to pursue, people who work hard, and people who are committed to their goals. If you do so, they will teach you some of the most important lessons of life. They will inspire you, and teach you things you never learned in school. By telling you about the experiences of their lives, they will teach you what it means to be alive. They will tell you of the places they have been to, and the people they loved.

They will tell you of the times they fell down but fought their doubts away and made memories that were worth remembering. Those are the kind of people that will teach you the lessons you have never read in any book of history or education. They will increase your intellectuality and inspire you to become the best version of yourself. They will help you in connecting to your higher self. They will inspire you to have aspirations and goals in life while motivating you to chase your dreams. Surrounding yourself with people who are older than you will teach you that life is too short to be drowned in an ocean of regrets. They will inspire you to be like them when they get older. People who are mentally and intellectually attractive. You do not realize this, but you are defined by the people you surround yourself with. 

You Will Fail, But It Is Okay, We All Do

Accept failure as a part of life. The road to success can not always be smooth. If there are moments of joy, then there are moments of sorrow as well. If there are moments of success then there are moments of failure as well. There is nothing wrong with accepting the fact that you won’t always win in whatever it is that you do. Accept the fact that life won’t always offer what your heart desires. Sometimes, the things that we desire the most end up becoming the things that hurt us the most. There are times when the dreams we dream the most, don’t come true. And it is okay.

Highs and lows, re a part of life. I believe that life takes more things from us than what it gives. As we grow older, we might lose our innocence. We might lose the people we love and we might lose our dreams because reality is harsh and we don’t always get what we want. Life can be ugly sometimes, it can make our entire being drenched in fear, ending your dreams in a matter of seconds, putting out the fire of your passion in mere moments.

But, you can always start all over again. You should always fight for what you believe in. You should always believe in the love of your dreams. You can always begin again. Every single day, you might witness such things that make you believe that you were brought into this world for a reason. Even if that reason was to make someone smile. Even if that reason was to make someone believe in love again. Even if that reason was to make someone believe that there is still goodness left in this world. 

The Most Successful People in History Did Not Give Up

We wouldn’t have an Oprah Winfrey if she had listened to that tv director who told her she wasn’t fit for television. We wouldn’t have an Albert Einstein if he believed the words his teacher said that he was dumb and wouldn’t reach anywhere in life. He had one of the greatest minds to ever lived. We wouldn’t have a famous children’s author Dr. Suess if he gave up after his first book got rejected 28 times.

We wouldn’t have the best comedian like Jim Carrey if he gave up to the poverty that surrounded him and after he was booed off of the stage during his first stand-up comedy. We wouldn’t have experienced the world of wonders, potions, magics, spells, flying broomsticks, and Hogwarts magic school of Harry Potter if J.K Rowling had given up. She wrote the seven series, despite her divorce, depression, despite being a single mother and a waitress who had the responsibility of a daughter, she wrote. Walt Disney’s ideas were considered unrealistic by the daily newspaper. We wouldn’t have grown up watching mickey mouse, Pinocchio, fantasia, snow white and the seven dwarfs, lady, and the tramp, peter pan, Alice in wonderland, cinderella, beauty and the beast, sleeping beauty, and many more cartoons if he had given up and settled for a job he loathed. Walt Disney made each one of our childhoods special. 

The only common thing between all of these people was that they didn’t give up. They didn’t let other’s words affect you. They weren’t born great; they made themselves that way by hard work, determination, resilience, and courage. All of the successful people in history refused to listen to people who discouraged them, belittles them, and ridiculed them. They grew past their failures and mistakes.  They believed in themselves when no one else did. So what’s stopping you from following your dreams?

You might fail, but it’s okay as long as you’re doing what you love. As Stephen Hawking once said “Remember to look up at the stars and not down at your feet. Try to make sense of what you see and wonder about what makes the universe exist. Be curious. And however, difficult life may seem; there is always something you can do and succeed. It matters that you don’t just give up.”