Retractable teal measuring tape

As anyone with style will tell you, accessories are important when it comes to looking put together.  So it is with knitting.  While the basics, the best needles, and yarn, are the key elements in any project, it takes more than that to help you make your work come alive.

Here is where we make the case for the right knitting tool.  As any craftsperson knows, it’s all about quality when it comes to the right tool.  This is not to say that you need every new knitting gadget on the market, but there are some tried and true “indispensables” that can stand up to the job. Here’s a list of the basic ones we think to make the most sense.

Honestly, how else can you tell how far you have come or how much further you need to go? This pretty soft case measuring tape takes up very little space but supplies up to 60” of measurement.  It has a center push button for fast retraction so you don’t have to worry about any tangled up tape in the bottom of your project bag.

These colorful scissors fold down for point protection so there’s no worry about sharp points poking through your bag — or you!   Easy to open up, they work just like larger scissors with a well honed edge.  They even come in their own case and are ideal for travel. For something even simpler, consider one of this pendant like yarn cutters. Its beautiful design conceals sharp cutting edges that smoothly cut any type of yarn. 

Depending on what you’re making, the time may come when you need to hold knitted stitches on something other than the needles. That’s when you will need some good lockable stitch holders.  These allow the work to be knit off onto the holder and held securely until they are needed.  Knitter’s Pride aluminum stitch holders come in a variety of colors and lengths.

Whether you are putting a sweater together or simply tucking in ends, the right wool needle is essential to have on hand.  While the eye of the needle is large, the points are not too sharp so there’s o danger of splitting the yarn as you sew together separate pieces  These wooden ones come in their own case which fits nicely in a compartment in your bag or purse.

Rest assured, there are a lot more tools of the trade we can suggest, but these basic ones are guaranteed to help you take your beautiful work to the next level.

Written by Phyllis Howe