The life of an entrepreneur is full of never-ending to-do lists and constant responsibilities. With so many tasks and pieces of information to keep track of, it can become easy to get overwhelmed. Even the most experienced entrepreneurs are still at risk of becoming a bit cluttered if they don’t have proper systems in place to avoid such a thing happening. For those who find themselves in this position, there are many tools that can help entrepreneurs stay organized.


If you often find yourself losing track of notes and other necessary information, Evernote is a great solution to that problem. This note-taking app is a go-to hub for all sorts of essential information. But the app is so much more than an elevated Notes app. With Evernote, you can record audio, scan documents and save web pages. The app integration feature is also extremely helpful, as users can share content across apps and connect to tools you already use, like Google Drive. This is a great tool for keeping all of your pertinent data in one place.


For business owners wanting to keep track of receipts and expenditures, Expensify is a great way to do so. This mobile app allows users to scan and track their receipts. While mobile banking is a popular way to track expenses nowadays, many individuals and businesses still need to have a record of expenses for budgeting purposes and taxes. What other features does the app offer? Expensify allows users to import their credit cards, create approval workflows, manage corporate spend, sync accounting systems and tax rates, confirm validity and more.


Recognized as one of the top organization apps, Trello is committed to helping teams move work forward and stay on top of tasks. Trello helps make teamwork a breeze even while working remotely. The customizable features on the app make it simple for companies to customize workflows for just about any project of theirs. Detailed features allow employees to create cards with checklists, due dates and more. As an entrepreneur, this will come in handy when trying to manage various projects.

Toggl is a great tool for entrepreneurs looking to better manage their time. The app’s goal is to help individuals work smarter, enabling them to see where time is being wasted and how they can stop overworking. Entrepreneurs can also use this app to create a calendar of tasks for themselves, so they can hold themselves accountable and stick to deadlines. By implementing this simple tool into your workflow, you’ll find yourself sticking to better time management and having a smoother system in place for years to come.