If there’s one thing that seriously lights me up it’s seeing women showing up for themselves and their dreams. As a former small-town girl with a huge heart who felt plenty broken moving into adulthood, I know what it’s like to want for more but not know if it’s possible. Sometimes the reality of those around us who never followed their inner calling who tell us what we should or shouldn’t do, or who we should or shouldn’t be takes over the truth that our soul is telling us. 

On top of that, the past century has been overwhelmingly run by an old patriarchal way that’s outdated based on competition, consumerism, greed, and power at the cost of our planet’s livelihood. The old ways have led to women questioning if they are capable or even allowed to do what feels important. I’m here to tell you that the days of being a good girl, a nice lady, and a proper woman who serves the men in charge is over. If you’re a woman who is tired of the old way and ready to claim your calling here are ten reasons why NOW is the time.

  1. Being in the state of fear that’s become a collective way of feeling and thinking causes depression, anxiety, and stress. As women, we tend to be those who feel this more and also the one to help others through it. At this time, mental health is demanding the nurturers to care for ourselves and others. 
  2. You’re showing girls who are growing up in this time of equality that we must demand it. Each time a woman steps up for what she’s called to do vs. doing what she “should”, she’s giving younger girls confidence to do the same. 
  3. Having a dream and vision in your heart is actually a part of who you are. I truly believe we’re all here on purpose and for a purpose. As you follow your soul’s purpose of being who you are, while allowing what calls you to make a positive impact on others’ lives be guided by a higher power, you eliminate failure as an option. What created you also created what feels purposeful to you.  
  4. This is the time where we have access to platforms, outreach, support, and assistance. There are many organizations that women have access to, if they seek it out. Because women are rising up at a rapid pace, starting a passion project is easier now more than ever, especially with technology and social media.
  5. If not now, when? Really. You’ve lived for how many years carrying a dream in your heart, a story that needs to be told or holding onto a great idea that others will benefit from. Why would you not bring it to life now from a place of inner connection vs. the old way of me, me, me?
  6. We care! The world is suffering in what feels like isolation, injustice, and hatred and women are natural connectors and nurturers who bring others together. Think about it. Women plan gatherings and hold communities together. We are meant to work together in a unified society, not compete, and cause others to struggle more. It’s our innate gift to nourish and give from the heart. 
  7. Poverty consciousness must go. There’s still an issue in our society with women being underpaid. When a woman goes for her goals and follows her soul on the way, she’s able to create more financially that can lead to giving in ways she’s not been able to.  Too many females are under their generational bondage of needing to be mom or be a good wife and asking for money from their partner. It’s time women show up for themselves and claim what’s rightfully theirs as well. 
  8. A sacred legacy is being created for the future of the world by women coming together and supporting each other. This work you’re meant to do in this lifetime is of utmost importance for healing the past and creating a future for generations to come. There is power when women support each other and collaborate for the greater good. 
  9. The world is watching and listening. We’ve never been in a time like this where so many humans are home wanting connection, needing healing, and ready to shift into a better life. If you have a gift that enhances or improves the lives of others, it’s crucial that they can access it. You can’t be heard if you don’t speak up and show up.
  10. As we say yes to ourselves & our calling, we’re giving other women permission to do the same. In the old way of doing business, there was so much focus on competition. The truth is that everything you’ve learned & experienced in life means you don’t have true competition. By standing up for & claiming what’s calling you, other women see you and are inspired to go for it, creating a ripple effect.  

So I ask you this, what is your calling, and are you willing to claim it? 

I know that when you truly commit to what’s calling you with unwavering faith, it is inevitable. The old ways of feeling unsupported or inferior no longer exist. You must know without a doubt that you were put on this planet in this pivotal time on purpose. It’s time to pursue yours. 

Imagine what’s possible for you, your family, those you serve, and the future of our planet when you fully claim your soul’s calling. This is the moment you’ve been waiting for. Call it your permission slip if you will. Show up for yourself and others on purpose to experience the true fulfillment that you desire and absolutely deserve.