White teeth matter.

No one likes an individual with dark teeth.

Dark teeth signify lack of care. They show inattentiveness to oral health. And they indicate a lack of hygiene…

Don’t be that person. Keep your teeth white at all times. And encourage your family to do the same.

Below, we’ll help you make that a reality. We’ll mention 5 lifestyle tips for sustainable white teeth.

Follow them for a celebrity look!

#1 – Make Tooth Brushing Easy.

We won’t ask you to ask brush many times a day. You should be doing that by now…

It’s also obvious and cliché advice.

The average person should brush 2-3 times/day (after waking up, and big meals).

But what you should do is ease the process. You shouldn’t feel lazy when it’s time for your routine brushes.

It should be easy. And you do so by…

(A) Timing Meals & Dental Care.

Set an alarm. Specify certain times of the day to eat. And make sure they’re for dental care too…

You need a large time window for both. You shouldn’t feel rushed eating/cleaning, especially before getting back to work.

The alarm always reminds you of dental care. It’s an accountability partner that’s reliably in your pocket.

(B) Take Your Dental Products Outdoors.

Always carry a small bag with you. Include your brush, toothpaste, mouthwash, and floss.

Do so especially for work. After all, you spend most of your day there. And that’s where most of you dental care happens.

If you have children, encourage them to do the same at school. Encourage them to brush during break times.

#2 – Control Your Diet.

Some foods/drinks destroy your teeth fast. They do so by staining or corroding.

You should cut your consumption of them. And this doesn’t mean avoidance. But, we encourage minimal consumption.

We also recommend you brush immediately afterwards.

Coffee & Tea.

The biggest two culprits.

Both stain teeth quick. That’s because they’re sticky (coffee especially), so they quickly form plaque layers.

And both are consumed frequently. People often drink multiple cups throughout the day.

If you’d like to use them beyond morning hours, be sure to brush soon after.

Wines & Grape Juices.

Fruits are known for stickiness too. But grapes and their derivative products top that list.

Minimize consumption as much as possible. And like coffee/tea, time when they’re used.

You obviously don’t consume them in the morning. Wines are mostly night-time drinks, which is excellent.

After drinking your share, you can immediately head to the sink for a dental cleanse.

#3 – Practice Nasal Breathing.

Mouth-breathing is a contributor to plaque formation.

Why? Because you turn your teeth into dust filters. So they collect incoming dirt, thus darkening in color.

Avoid that problem by making nasal breathing a habit. And if you’re struggling with it, visit a doctor for a checkup.

You might have structural issues in your nose that require fixes. They could be sinus issues, a deviated septum, etc.

#4 – Quit Smoking.

Another major contributor to yellow teeth.

Smoking doesn’t only darken your teeth. It also corrodes it with heat and ashes.

We recommend reducing your tobacco consumption. And you can do so by….

Use Vape.

It’s an excellent way to consume nicotine, while quitting tobacco.

Vape liquids are often clean and clear. They don’t stain teeth as horribly as cigarettes do.

You can use them as an alternative to smoking. Or, you can use them as an intermediate step to eventually quitting!

#5 – Frequent Checkups.

Sometimes, artificial intervention is the best way to whiten teeth.

A dentist helps with that. They have the experience to whiten your teeth, at low costs, and with excellent products.

There, not only do you check for dental problems. But you can get product recommendations too!

You can get them for you and your family. And you can ask for alternative treatments that suit your lifestyle and health!

Time to Find Your Dentist.

The best dentists are close to your home. And they offer excellent services to individuals and their families.

You can easily find one online. For example, if you live in Illinois – Naperville, you can search for a “Naperville Dentist Near Me.”

You’ll get quality results. And you’ll have many options to sift through!