Becoming an entrepreneur was no easy task. As famed tech titan Elon Musk once said, “Being an entrepreneur is like eating glass and staring into the abyss of death.” But fear not because another giant in the business world, Gallant Dill, is here to provide his insights. By helping new entrepreneurs identify some of the biggest obstacles they’ll face, they’ll be much better.

Now, while it may already be obvious, it’s worth pointing out that the business world is a cruel and callous one. There are plenty of opportunities to make money, but the brutal efficiency in dismantling opening attempts at succeeding is well-documented. Too many startups and small businesses have been crushed under its heel for there to be any doubt.

However, one of the greatest reasons for failure among aspiring entrepreneurs is a lack of understanding of what they will be facing. Saying that starting a business is difficult is like saying building a flying car from scratch is difficult. It would decidedly be underselling the sheer scale of challenges and obstacles that will be scattered along that road.

Fortunately, by simply identifying what these likely pitfalls are going to be, it’s more than possible to thrive in business. Knowing what to expect allows new entrepreneurs to make more informed choices. More importantly, it will allow them to decide if they are going to start a business, Gallant Dill points out. Or, at least, it would be a good start.

1. Self-Doubt and Naysayers

Doubt is a potent poison to new entrepreneurs and it is one that all who enter the business world have to contend with. This applies to the quiet doubt from oneself and the loud discouragement from others. It can be difficult to fully appreciate the devastating effects of this malignancy until it is experienced first-hand.

Before opening the business, or even a short time after doing so, it can be easy to feel optimistic about it. But once the various common stumbling blocks pour in, this can quickly change. This goes doubly true for businesses that experience a successful launch but then customers quickly peter out. 

By its nature, business fluctuates and there can be both good days and bad days. Intellectually, this is easy to accept, Gallant Dill notes. Emotionally, it can be downright harrowing and can even become a slow, daily form of torture if things don’t improve. This is when the self-doubt sets in and it can get even worse when negative sentiments from naysayers are heard.

2. Sentimentalism and Emotional Decisions

The ever-changing world of business requires entrepreneurs and executives to make difficult decisions all the time. Choices made from a calm analysis of concrete data, observing market_trends, and considering the financial state of the business. However, emotions can often cloud judgments due to sentimentality or irrational fears, grudges, and sheer stubbornness.

It’s all well and good to say that letting go of ineffective personnel is part of running a business, for example. But this can be surprisingly difficult when the time comes. This is especially true when a bond has been made during the course of employment or when the employee is a relative or a friend. 

3. Building Good Business Relationships 

The business world is harsh but with dependable and healthy relationships with other entrepreneurs or partners, things can get easier. Unfortunately, Gallant Dill notes that this is a lot more difficult than it sounds. Self-interest and profit are among the core tenets of the business community, which makes trust incredibly difficult to come by.

Cases where friends, families, and even lovers breaking apart due to conflicting ideas and personalities are quite common. Grudges can build over time and relationships can sour due to jealousy or many other factors. 

The best that new entrepreneurs can really hope for is mutual respect with a healthy serving of binding contracts. 

4. Impatience Due to Slow Progress

Very few businesses achieve explosive success overnight. It’s a slow grind that can take months, years, or even decades to truly bear fruit. This slow progress can breed impatience in new entrepreneurs, which can then lead them to make very bad decisions.

While not all business models are the same, most of the successful enterprises that survive did not neglect to build their foundations. Frustration due to a lack of immediate results can spur business owners on to take shortcuts. But as Gallant Dill explains, in the vast majority of cases where this occurs, failure is almost always guaranteed. 

5. Incompatible or Unreliable Employees

There is a good reason why the phrase “Good help is so hard to find, these days” is often used in pop culture. It’s true and is never more apparent than in business, where owners often have to rely on employees to be operational. Gallant Dill understands this quite well. 

Entrepreneurs need to find staff that will do their jobs, can be trusted with inventory, and are competent, as well. When a business is just starting, though, this will prove to be a major challenge. In most cases, only a few of the original employees will remain after a few years, with the rest being replaced or let go. 

About Gallant Dill

Gallant Dill is a man that makes a lot of money but does not let money direct his life. He values balance in family and career. He hosted many legendary seminars that made his audience full of knowledge and inspiration. 

Gallant Dill is an award-winning business coach that helps many struggling business owners gain their momentum back. He has people going across oceans and miles just to listen to him conduct a seminar.

Gallant Dill is an individual that started with literally nothing, now with the right mindset and strong determination, Gallant Dill has everything, a family that he counts on, advocacy that continues to inspire him, and a career that he loves and is passionate about.

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