When it comes to skiing and general fun on the snow, there is no one country that adequately emerges as the best. Each comes with its own upsides dishing out experiences to quench the appetite for different kinds of trails and challenges. While some truly shine with regards to off-piste prowess, others are unrivaled on account of alpine terrains. Another group affords the best of both worlds providing an all-round package for everyone. It is therefore only natural that we take a look at a group of popular skiing destinations that are all perfect in their own right.

1) France 
The country whose capital is dubbed the “City of Lights” is also known for much more than the breathtaking beauty that is the Eiffel Tower. It is a nation quite famous in the realms of skiing and widely regarded as the best of the best as far as abundance of skiing canvas and accessibility goes. Over winter, the native alp mountains are bathed in white powder complemented by jugged obsidian peaks and evergreen trails that make for a lovely sight that can only be described as stunning. The terrain, however, doesn’t only afford beguiling eye candy as it also plays home to state of the art skiing resorts that have set up camp in some of the most in-demand skiing grounds in the globe.

2) Switzerland
Switzerland’s four valley region is the major reason this country finds itself on this list with the Swiss Alps providing stretches of sun-soaked white sands atop fun slopes and enticing runs. Its strongest attribute is perhaps its off-piste terrains that afford adrenaline-packed options punctuated with a hint of danger perfect for the daredevil skier. Zermatt and Verbier, on the other hand, offer an easier challenge for the novice whilst also providing several clubs and trendy bars that ensure the nightlife is always busy.

3) Italy
Italy can very well be described as a poor man’s Swiss Alps providing glimpses of the skiing quality in the preceding country for a percentage of the price. The slopes here aren’t as daring as its predecessors herein however they are endearingly fun and perfectly adept for moderate to beginner skillsets. If you get bored of the Italian snow, you can easily strut across the border into nearby Zermatt in Switzerland without needing a passport. Italy is a little subtle overall but its affordability and irresistible cuisine more than make up for any shortcomings.

4) Slovenia
Highly-underated Slovenia actually has an accomplished skiing track record that includes being a regular host of Alpine women Olympic events. The untainted beauty and idyllic nature are perfectly lined with snow over winter transforming into a mix of family-friendly slopes and dramatic heights excellent for not only skiing but also snowboarding. Pohorje ridge, in particular, is the highlight this time of year providing numerous trails and cliffs for everyone’s liking. Skiing Pohorje is definitely an experience you won’t be forgetting anytime soon. Slovenia proves the cheapest alternative to all occupants of this list providing peaceful and cheap yet very able resorts.

5) Croatia
This might come as a surprise but Croatia is actually very popular skiing destination in Europe. It’s not just blue seas and beaches for this country, it’s also mountains, snow and icy winter activites as well.

One of the more popular destinations in Croatia regarding skiing is of course Sljeme, located near Zagreb and it is the go to place if you want to enjoy some skiing.

If you find yourself in the coastal part of Croatia but crave skiing you should not worry, If you are in Split, just grab a Split taxi and get yourself to the nearest skiing location which is not that far actually, it’s called Mukinje Ski Slopes and it is located near Plitvice Lakes National Park so be sure to visit that as well because it is amazingly gorgeous in the winter.

And that’s it for this round up of the world’s top five skiing locations.