According to Wikipedia, ‘Lifehack (or life-hacking) is any trick, shortcut, skill, or novelty method that increases productivity and efficiency, in all walks of life. The term was primarily used by computer experts who suffer from information overload or those with a playful curiosity in the ways they can accelerate their workflow in ways other than programming’.

True to its words, lifehacks make life much more comfortable and efficient, they are little tips here and there that simplify our lives and make an otherwise overwhelming task manageable. It’s a productivity booster.

You are looking for sites that are dedicated to productivity tips and lifehacks? Well, you are in the right place, here is a list of top 5 productivity and lifehack websites overflowing with useful tips, lifehacks, and knowledge.

1.      TheLifehack

TheLifehack is a website with a productivity arsenal of anything and everything that makes life much easier, convenient, efficient, and comfortable. This site is a lot more than you would expect it to be, it’s full of useful and productivity tips, tricks and of course, Life hacks to help you get by quickly.

The topics covered are almost endless; they include money, relationship, lifestyle, psychology, parenting, tech, and more. Everything on TheLifehack is dedicated to productivity and getting things done in all aspects of life, in the most relaxed and trouble-free way possible. Hence, TheLifehack is literally a hack on its own! A nifty hack to an otherwise stressful life.

So, make your way to TheLifehack and get engrossed in the helpful articles specially crafted to make your life a comfortable one.

2.      MakeUseOf

Its name is already self-explanatory, MakeUseOf is exactly what you think – it’s about MAKING USE OF things for more convenience and productivity. However, its main focus is digital productivity, online know-whats, technology infographics, and all things that concern the digital world, which is a most needed niche in a world that is getting more and more digitized with every minute.

MakeUseOf is an innovative site that offers tips on the best digital solutions that would make your daily traverse across the digital space as simplified as possible.

Gear up and embark on digital adventures with the best digital life hacks from MakeUseOf.

3.      Productivity501

Productivity501 is dedicated to making life as easy and convenient as possible by showing you all the essential ingredients of productivity. There are different kinds of productivity, but, they are all geared towards the same purpose – results, happiness, and comfort. Even with the most straightforward and basic things of life you can be productive in ways you never imagined to be possible, just learn the tricks from Productivity501. Now that’s really something!

Now, head over to Productivity501, start being productive with the simplest tasks and getting the most out of life!

4.      Dumb Little Man: Tips for Life

DumbLittleMan? You are wondering what it means right? Well, I give this site top points for intrigue, a curious person would definitely what to see what the site is about with such a name. Some of us like to be underestimated so we can wow you with how much knowledgeable we really are – reverse psychology. That is the case here.

Dumb Little Man actually is an overflowing well of smartness and countless useful tips for life. The site is focused majorly on Happiness, Success, and Money – the three most popular quests of the human race.  Dumb Little Man is the go-to site for tips that will make your life easier and inspire you.

5.      HowStuffWorks

In other to make the most (or even the least) out of something, you have to know how it works in the first place and how to use it. With a site aptly named, HowStuffWorks, it seems evident that it’s literally going to be helpful to people by showing them how stuff works.

HowStuffWorks is basically a dictionary about how everything in this world works. And I mean EVERYTHING! A wide range of categories is covered including; adventure, auto, lifestyle, animals, culture, science, tech, and more! It covers a lot of bases! You would be impressed.

So, if you want to assemble stuff or take stuff apart, or learn how stuff works, and how to use stuff to your advantage; then HowStuffWorks will show you how stuff really works.


Did you find these sites useful and helpful?

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