It is not easy gaining enough influence on social media to be an influencer. It takes dedication, consistency, creativity, transparency, and a ton of motivation. This is because creating content daily that is enticing to your target audience is down right difficult.

Influencers, social media, and target audiences are all wrapped up into one major marketing strategy — Influencer marketing!

“Influencer marketing is no longer a social media buzzword, it is a viable marketing strategy that has proved valuable for brands large and small.  AND it is a sustainable business & lifestyle choice for tens of thousands of people,” Tony Newton, CEO of explained. “Over 90 percent of marketers agree that influencer marketing is effective. The only advice I have to give influencers is to ‘keep it real’ and don’t let brands boss you around just because they are paying you money. Audience growth is far more important than bending to the will of a single advertiser.”

How do influencers and brands master the influencer marketing space? Social media influencers, whether people or brands, employ a number of tactics to increase followers, boost influence, and ultimately make money as a social media influencer.

To help you grow your influence and reach the next level in influencer marketing from Instagram to YouTube, we compiled the top 5 social media influencer secrets sure to motivate.

Let’s dive in!

1. Consistency Is Key to Social Media Influencer Success

Having the ability to post content via social media consistently is important. It is also one of the top secrets of social media influencers across all social networks. The attention of people is ultimately what influencers seek. So to keep that attention, you need to always have content coming out.

Just be sure to create good quality content. Otherwise your followers and/or subscribers will lose interest and take their attention somewhere else. Give your target audience what they want and love with each post.

2. Engagement Is Essential

As an influencer, you probably want to leverage your influence to make money. How do you do this? By growing that follower or subscriber count and getting your fans more engaged in your content.

This makes tracking your engagement rate as a social media influencer an absolute must do. Brands will be asking what your average engagement rate is before hiring you for sponsored posts. However, engage back with your audience. If you don’t they will find an influencer that will.

3. You Don’t Need Tens Of Thousands Of Followers

This is another top social media influencer secret serving up motivation. If you are a nano-influencer with 3,000 followers, you don’t need to be discouraged. In fact, you can still make money with only a few thousand followers and/or subscribers.

Brands are looking for more nano-influencers and micro-influencers because they know that those influencers have serious influence over their audiences. A post from a nano-influencer may convert more users than an influencer with 50,000 followers.

4. Video Content Is A Recipe For Massive Influencer Growth

One not so well known social media influencer secrets is the power of videos. Yes, influencers across all social media channels create and post videos, especially on Instagram.

However, they are not using video content strategically for massive influencer growth. How can you do this? First, you need to create a video content calendar with highly searched topics your audience wants to view.

Next, you create videos consistently and use keyword terms and hashtags effectively to get more eyes on your videos after posting. After that, you keep moving forward and create very actionable content that your audience will share.

5. Keep The Pareto Principle In Mind

This social media influencer secret is not so well known either. You may even be wondering what the Pareto Principle is exactly. The Pareto Principle is the rule that 80 percent of your success (results) will come from only 20 percent of your efforts.

In terms of social media influencers, only 20 percent of your followers will facilitate 80 percent of your growth and money making potential. This 20 percent is your true fan base. They share your content, watch every video you post, and buy what you recommend.

Ready To Employ These Top 5 Social Media Influencer Secrets?

It can certainly be challenging to get motivated as an influencer. Creating quality content, posting that content, tracking results, and engaging with fans can be pretty exhausting.

But with the above social media influencer secrets, it can be slightly easier. From the Pareto Principle with 20 percent of followers dishing out 80 percent of your success to pumping out content consistently, influencer marketing can be a successful journey for influencers and brands alike.

What is the top social media influencer secret you utilize for influencer growth and success? We would love to hear from you if it doesn’t fall on our above list.


  • Shruti Gupta

    Shruti Gupta

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