Useful apps for students

“Siri, how do I stop procrastinating?”

Sound familiar?

Procrastination. The one thing every student will inevitably struggle with in their academic careers.

I’m no stranger to the effects of bad time management myself. I’m a Comparative Literature major, which means that I write a good number of essays every semester. I often found myself struggling to finish my papers in advance and, as a result, I was always rushed to submit my assignments by deadline.

One time, I left so many essays to the last minute that I was faced with writing 10 pages of work in one day!

Although everyone will come to blows with procrastination at least one time in their lives, there’s still no strict solution to beating it. It’s not that easy to conquer your bad habits and be productive.

However, there are some cool apps out there that help you tackle bad time management and improve your productivity. Here are some apps that I’ve used to help me become a better, more productive student!

De-stress app for students


I bet you were expecting a calendar or note-taking app, right?

Having 3 part-time jobs during my college hours creates a pretty strict work study life balance (or at least I try), but Headspace is how I start my productive day.

While Headspace is neither of those things, it has had some of the biggest impact on my study habits and I think that with a little commitment, it can do the same for you.

Headspace is a guided meditation application. It provides a series of short, guided programs that you can easily squeeze into your daily routine. Personally, I woke up every morning around 7:30, showered, meditated, and did some exercise. That morning schedule helped me boost my productivity significantly!

Meditation is a great tool for organizing your thoughts and for easing your mind of stress. Headspace helped me improve my productivity because it allowed me to start my mornings comfortably and it enabled me to focus on my assignments with a clear head.

You can sign up for free on their website, and subscribe for more programs if you’d like.

Study app for students


One of the most difficult challenges in writing papers is struggling with writer’s block. It can feel almost impossible to finish even your introduction and that feeling can be overwhelming.

In my freshman year of college, I started looking around for apps that would help me overcome writer’s block. That’s how I found Ommwriter.

Ommwriter is a simple interface that provides a writing environment that aids your concentration. It does so by employing a minimalist design with natural backgrounds and soothing audio tracks. Think of a trickling stream or the quiet buzz of the forest. If you’re someone who finds comfort with the outdoors, or loves having white noise in their study environment, then this app is definitely for you.

Ommwriter’s interface is not just for looks either – the staff there have conducted cool research into chromotherapy, concentration, and creativity and have tailored their app to help you achieve peak productivity.

The best part?

You can grab the app for whatever price you think is right for you to pay.

Time management app for students

This list wouldn’t be complete without some sort of scheduler!

With a massive application market that’s diluted with calendar applications, it’s easy to be overwhelmed with the choices.

I know I was.

How do you decide between what app to use?

I, personally, am a huge fan of keeping a paper organizer. I find the most impact in writing my tasks down and having a tangible schedule of my day.

But I also LOVE using digital calendars because of the added functionality, accessibility, and ease. And when it comes to digital calendars, I use is an award-winning app that enables you to create highly functional calendars, to-do lists, and reminders. So, instead of having separate apps for your schedule, your reminders, and your goals for the day, you can have all of your items in one place! also has a fantastic home screen interface that is available for its users, ensuring that you can access your calendar on the go.

Arguably my favorite part of is that it integrates well with other apps such as Outlook and iCloud, that have become important parts of my educational system.

Plus, you can sign up for free!


I use Ommwriter to help me focus, and I use Bear to organize my notes and create dynamic papers. Combining the two platforms has helped me boost my productivity significantly.

Bear is a simple and flexible writing application that helps you improve your note-taking and writing experiences. It comes with really cool features such as advanced markup options and editing tools to help you proofread on the go, cross-note links to help you compile your work, and even to-do tasks!

However, despite all these cool tools, the beauty in Bear lies in how it is both functional and easy to use.

You can sign up for free and get access to many of Bear’s features on Apple devices. Bear Pro costs only $1.49 monthly and gives you plenty of other cool tools to work with!

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