The primary question that emerges in front of everyone is to opt for a job or start a business. Jobs used to a first choice for many in the past; but not anymore. Now, several talented youths choose entrepreneurship instead. 

Building one’s own firm from scratch is exciting and inspirational. It offers full freedom of opportunities and scope of earning. It’s not monotonous and tedious like the one that we find in a typical 9-to-5 job.

Starting a sole trade business is easy and hassle-free than creating a company. What is the purpose of a sole trader business?  Sole trading, in short, means being your own boss. Say bye-bye to your supervisor’s interference, fixed duty timing, or the constant fear of losing jobs!

Start with Limited Capital

Sole trading or sole proprietorship allows you to start your own business with whatever little resources you have. Starting a sole proprietorship form of business doesn’t require too much legal documentation and filing. You can even start your business right now without any worries.

Time for Your Family

The joy of being with your family members gives too much happiness. It alleviates stress levels and makes a person less anxious. A daily job may not give you enough time to spend with your family, but you can decide your own time and work schedule as a solopreneur. 

Workout Regime and Fitness Check

Sole trading gives ample time to look after your health. It helps you maintain a strict fitness regime at home through regular workout sessions. As an employee, it may be difficult to manage some “me” time owing to a long 10-11 hours of working at a stretch. 

Unlimited Growth Options

Jobs do have various promotion options. However, they are mostly based on time-scale promotions. It means even if you are too talented at work, still you may have to wait for a few years more to reach higher posts. 

But, a sole trader doesn’t need to wait for anyone’s approval. He is the boss, and only he knows when to expand his business more and multiply his earning potentials. 

Work Security

Unlike jobs, where employers can throw away an employee at any moment after slapping a month’s notice; a sole trader has various options to keep your business functional even in difficult times. 

You can take loans, opt for a smaller office, start remote working, hire well-knowledgeable staff or even cut down petty office expenses to maintain a steady flow of income even during adverse circumstances.

Unprecedented Fame and Accolades

The mere feel of being one’s own boss instils a lot of confidence and faith in oneself. Not only that, once you start running your own business, you will feel the enormous joy of building a firm from scratch, working for its growth, and eventually, taking it to an even greater height. 

There’s no doubt that sole trading will bring unprecedented fame. You will find yourself in various magazines and online websites. People will look up to you as their mentor and guide. 

The Conclusion 

Solopreneurship is an inner calling. Once you feel that it’s the time to plunge into sole trading and start your own business, then do it. Don’t look further. In the long run, only your happiness matters. 

Start believing in yourself. As you may never know what does the sole trade has in store for you. But whatever it is it will be for good for sure.


  • Christine Chen



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