Fast-paced life and being constantly surrounded by technology can take a toll on a person. We become more stressed and depleted which can affect our sleep, diet, and lifestyle in general. It makes us angry and dissatisfied, doubting ourselves and distancing from the people we love. 

However, the solution is not so complicated or hard to find, especially today when the whole world is so well-connected. Remote and isolated places are available across the globe offering sanctuary for the body and mind. From rainforests to fjords, these are the top 6 wilderness destinations that will help you recharge and make you a better person along the way.  

Embark on an across the country adventure in Bolivia

Bolivia wilderness
Bolivia, photo source: Unsplash

Bolivia is a South American country with 10-meter tall cacti and the highest capital in the world La Paz at 11,975 ft. Its terrain is covered in salt flats like Salar de Uyuni, deserts and mountains where temperature know to be freezing at night. The Atacama Desert has the last natural hot spring where visitors can swim and take a break from sightseeing. 

While hot-air balloon rides over Salar de Uyuni are very popular, this prehistoric lake is best experienced from the ground. During the rainy season from  December to February, the flat is covered in water and acts like a giant mirror. If you never traveled to a remote place before, then finding something balanced with urban dwellings and gorgeous wilderness would be ideal. It will help you get used to the silence and unfamiliar nature sounds so you can continue your journey of self-discovery to the remotest places.

Meet true wilderness in Canada’s Labrador region

Canada wilderness
Torngat Mountains National Park, photo source: Flickr

Labrador region in Canada offers the true wilderness experience to all those who are not bothered by remoteness. Torngat Mountains National Park may be challenging to reach, but once there you will enter the world full of icebergs, glaciers and polar bears. This has been fishing and hunting ground of Inuit people for thousands of years and it still is today. 

Since the destination doesn’t have campsites, trails, and roads, you need to join a tour or hire transportation to the area. The Torngat Mountains Base Camp also offers guiding services and although pricey, seeing this untouched piece of land is worth it. You will have an opportunity to re-connect to Mother Earth and realize how much she is a big part of you. Being in nature surrounded by sights, scents, and sounds will help you learn to appreciate yourself and your time. 

Find spiritual peace in the Indian Uttarakhand

India wilderness
India, Uttarakhand, photo source: Unsplash

As part of the Himalayas, Uttarakhand in India is a region that is home to rare flora and fauna. The area is full of Hindu shrines and many followers consider it a pilgrimage center. Rivers Ganges and Yamuna flow through here straight from the glaciers. Uttarakhand has a ski resort Auli overlooking the Valley of Flowers National Park and Badrinath Temple.

This is a region dedicated to spiritual growth and self-discovery with alpine vegetation and red foxes jumping in the snow. Dunagiri Retreat is perfect to stay and practice yoga since it originated from India. Here you will also learn breathing and meditation techniques that will help you deal with stress and learn how to handle the pressure.   

Enjoy the quiet luxury of the Finish Lapland

Lapland wilderness
Lapland, photo source: Unsplash

Lapland is a large area located within the Arctic Circle and expanding over Norway, Sweden, Finland, and Russian. It is not very populated and that gives enough opportunities to enjoy peaceful and tranquil settings far at the European north. You can hike here for weeks without encountering another human being.

Nellim Wilderness Hotel is a luxurious accommodation in the Finish Lapland by Lake Inari offering guests various outdoor activities. You can stay in one of the glass pods known as Aurora Bubbles and watch aurora borealis and the starry night sky. This is an ideal place for those who simply can’t cut technology out of their lives but still need a break from the urban world. Psychologists say that even the sight of nature makes a person feel better, and here you will be in the middle of it night and day.  

Uncover forgotten wilderness in Tasmanian Tarkine Rainforest

Tasmania, Tarkine rainforest, photo source: Flickr

There is a long list of things to do in Tasmania and whichever you choose you won’t regret the decision. Clean and fresh air, amazing beaches, picturesque mountains, and incredible wildlife are what make this island stand out. The Tarkine Rainforest is a Tasmanian forgotten wilderness full of dunes, waterfalls, rivers, caves and giant tree ferns.  

This is also a place to spot rare birds like the orange-bellied parrot and see the famous Tasmanian devil. After only a day of being surrounded by the lavish greenery and walking the pristine forest, you will feel more in touch with yourself. Just make sure to bring your binoculars so you can better explore the area and see all its wonders. 

Hike the John Muir Trail in California

John Muir Trail
John Muir Trail, photo source: Unsplash

The USA is full of beautiful wilderness, but if you are on the journey to find yourself again go to California and embark on a unique hiking experience. The John Muir Trail is located in the Sierra Nevada mountains and around 215 miles long. It goes through Kings Canyon, Sequoia National park and Yosemite changing elevations along the way.  

Considered as America’s most famous trail, hikers come here throughout the year with the primary hiking season from July to September. The average hike lasts for three weeks and other than shelter at Muir Pass, hikers sleep in tents at the campsites along the way. This is enough time to recharge your batteries drained by the everyday city life and noises.

All in all

By returning you to nature, these wilderness travel destinations make you a better person and help you see the world through fresh eyes. Deciding to embark on a journey far away from civilization is a tough one, but once you find yourself among the undisturbed landscapes – you will forget your fears. After all, the point of such a journey is discovering new strengths so you can improve yourself as a person.