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As the world evolves, certain jobs would go away and be replaced by machines. In the same manner, some jobs would evolve with more complex roles and some newer jobs would surface. This is 2021, and as ever there are more in-demand jobs. It is no longer a myth that the global market is not just looking for people with degrees, rather, the most sought after are people who have valuable and worthy skills to offer.

Below are 7 in-demand jobs today to help open your mind to what is currently hot in the market and to help you prepare for the future starting from today.

Artificial Intelligence Specialist

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has to do with making computers think and work like humans. And it is indeed true that Tech is the future, as AI has been adopted in many industries to perform human tasks. Artificial intelligence specialization is a sought-after skill that is in top demand in 2021. And it is estimated that it would remain among the top jobs this year.

An artificial intelligence specialist is saddled with the responsibility of designing intelligent programs that make computers perform human tasks. They work in cognitive simulation, Applied Artificial Intelligence, etc. Artificial Intelligence specialists can find job opportunities in research centers, IT companies, etc.

Content Creator

Everything you read online or see anywhere is a form of content; whether in the written form, video, graphics, etc. Hence, content creation would forever be a sought-after skill in today’s world. In business, education, technology, and so on, you need content to explain your value proposition to your target audience.

Content creators are responsible for creating social media content, SEO articles, emails, product descriptions, product copies, etc. Content creators are needed in various firms be it finance, technology, education, business, etc.

Data Scientist

Data scientists are professionals who extract maximum value out of data. They gather market, business, finance, and customer data from different sources, and go ahead to analyze, process, interpret them in a bid to come up with solutions. The knowledge they derive from this analysis is used to understand businesses, finance, customer behavior, and is applied to building tools that help increase ROI, the level of customers’ satisfaction, and to promote businesses, etc.

Data scientists can work in IT companies, finance companies, healthcare, etc.

Cybersecurity Specialist

With the increase in the hacking of computer systems these days, the role of a cybersecurity specialist has become more important than ever before. Cybersecurity involves protecting a company’s network security structure to keep it from being hacked. Cybersecurity specialists take note of activities that are carried out on a company’s network to detect suspicious activities and safeguard against them. They carry out counterintuitive protocols, report suspicious activities, build firewalls into network infrastructures, etc.

A cybersecurity specialist can work in IT companies and in other industries to ensure the safety of their security system.

Full-Stack Engineers

Full Stack Development refers to the development of the front-end and back-end areas of a website application. It involves working on the database and debugging applications or websites. Full-stack developers are in high demand today due to the need to develop and design applications and websites for various companies and institutions.

Full-stack engineers are also responsible for evaluating software programs to check for performance issues, design flaws, bugs, etc. They work closely with Graphic Designers to make the user experience seamless. Full-stack engineers can work in software companies, finance companies, digital marketing firms, etc.

Robotics Engineers

Robotics is a field that integrates computer science and engineering. It involves the designing, building, operation, and use of robots to perform human tasks or to assist humans. Robotics engineers are saddled with the responsibility of building and testing robots to ensure their efficiency, safety, and how they are to be maintained when in use.

Robotics Engineering is a top in-demand skill. Robotics engineers use computer-aided design and computer-aided manufacturing to perform designing tasks. Robotics can be applied in various fields, such as aerospace, IT, automotive industry, etc.

Finance Experts

Finance experts are ever needed in almost every sector and even for individuals who want to make sense of their finance. Finance experts include professionals such as accountants, finance consultants, investments experts, etc. These professionals help with financial advice on how to manage your finance, save and multiply it. Finance experts are important for every organization, from banks to corporate organizations, construction companies, and even for private individuals.