We are the technology-dependent youth with full-time indulgence from smartphones to laptops seemingly have a keyboard attached to our fingertips at all times. How many of you have written something by hand, and do you remember the last time you did this? Well, myself too guilty of this. But research has shown that writing is good for our brains, and there are many benefits from handwriting in multiple ways.

Writing with Hand Vs. Typing. Photo by LinkedIn Sales Navigator

Here are the top 7 reasons why writing is good for our brains:

1.     Writing has a soothing effect

Writing a soothing sentence is like exercise to your hands and brain, as it is a type of graphotherapy. Writing down, “I will be more serene” twenty times each day may exert an effect, particularly in people with attention deficit disorder. It will make a person calmer by rewiring the brain.

2.     Writing boosts learning

Writing notes is the best way to study and acquire new knowledge. The reason is writing by hand stimulates a part of the brain called the RAS or the Reticular Activating System. The RAS filters all the information required to process by the brain, thereby helping to prioritize the things in your immediate focus at the time of writing. All this is boosted by the physical act of writing, which promotes learning. According to a 2012 study, the areas of the brain which are related to learning were stimulated much more when children were requested to jot down words like “spaceship” instead of merely focusing on the word.

3.     Writing keeps aging minds sharp

Writing is an excellent tool for baby boomers who want to retain a sharp mind as they age. Writing with hands will keep the mind dexterous and aid in solidifying the memories. Keep a handwritten journal and scribble all you want for the day, it will sharpen the aging minds and boost the memories.

4.     Writing coordinates the brain’s hemispheres

Don’t Wait Till Its Too Late To Pursue Your Dreams. Photo by Nick Morrison

Writing something in cursive (well, I know it feels outdated), but it will coordinate the brain’s hemispheres. However, the depth of using the two parts of the brain differs from one person to another.

P.S: Do not confuse the writing in cursive with writing your signature, though!

5.     Writing will keep distractions away

When it comes to wasting your time, computer and smartphones are the masters who will either entice you to look at the pictures of cats, dogs, beautiful girls, or to stalk your exes or the notifications from the ever buzzing social media apps. Distractions are also the reason for the existence of the software like Facebook Limiter and Minutes Please. I know there are good things on the internet since, as per a study in 2012, a 5-minute break to browse the web may even boost your productivity at work. However, when you are done with the GIFs or videos, and you can’t escape on the desertion again, try the breaks with a pen and paper. You will certainly appreciate the lack of distraction, which is too familiar on the internet!

6.     Writing enhances memory

Do you remember the school days while you were in the class taking notes? No doubt today we need to be quicker to use the laptop and our Smartphone, but did anyone of you ever considered to jot your notes by hand? Writing with the hand may enhance your ability to remember all the information later on. According to most psychologists, writing improves memory and has shown an evident effect in both children as well as adults.

7.     Writing activates your brain more than typing does!

Writing makes you use more of your brain. The areas of the brain related to reading are stimulated with writing and not while typing or texting. I consider “reading” as “breathing in” information and “writing” as “breathing out.” One of the primary differences includes the movement, which implicates the motor cortex in the brain, which activates a more significant portion of the brain than when merely typing.

So Happy Writing My Friends & Fellow Writers!