James Durkin Top Habits of Highly Effective Entrepreneurs

Being successful in any walk of life doesn’t just happen. Climbing the ladder of success starts with developing good habits in your personal life that quickly spread into your professional life. Here’s a look at some habits that separate entrepreneurs who are struggling, from those who are succeeding.


Wait a minute; is this an article about business or about exercise? Stay with us here, hydration matters in every walk of life. While it’s totally acceptable to wake up and have some coffee or tea, successful people begin drinking water and continue to do so often every day. Starting your tomorrow hydrated from proper water intake today will set you up to be mentally sharp, focused, and your memory performing at its peak.

Team Work Makes the Dream Work

The old proverb says, “like iron sharpens iron, one person can sharpen another.” This is especially true in business. Surrounding yourself with the right people can be the difference in success and failure. It’s vital that you surround yourself with the right people and that you make it a habit to consult with them often. Your habit should be to bring people on board that will sustain your company’s success over the long haul.

Win the Day

Successful entrepreneurs don’t roll out of bed at the last possible minute and rush out the door. Instead, they get up early enough to prepare themselves for the day ahead. Instead of trying to squeeze in time to send emails between appointments, try doing that before you get to your office. Do some of the “light” paperwork that can be knocked out pretty quickly while you have your morning coffee. Avoiding rushing during your day will put you in a better frame of mind and ensure that you aren’t up half the night trying to catch up.

Rolling with the Punches

Your journey to successful entrepreneurship is not going to be a straight line. Those plans you got up early and made may fall apart as you go. Forecasts don’t work out, deadlines don’t get met, and people let you down. Make it a habit to adapt and survive; the great ones always do.

You can be successful at work, but it starts with habits that are built in your personal life.