Heather DeSantis

With the current recession, coronavirus, and uncertainty, businesses are trimming down on expenses and even choosing not to be present, post, or be active on social media.

I believe this is the biggest mistake any business, brand or small business can make right now.

I absolutely believe that everyone needs to be sensitive, aware, and empathetic with current times, but now more than ever, the world needs positivity, positive news, and inspiration.

With Netflix seeing a 20% increase in streaming, millions of American’s are stuck at home, and scrolling their phones and social media.

It’s imperative for brands to stay the course and not blackout communication with their followers and consumers. To me, this means posting every day on social media, and ensuring that if a brand comments on my post that I give some love back.


1. There is a need for positive news.

Plenty of people are tired of the influx of coronavirus-related content, however, it still is necessary to stay up to date with the current state of things. Right now, people are looking for distractions and good reads that they can share with one another and their kids who are also home with them. The media is in need of your positive stories to share.

2. There is a content gap with all events being canceled meaning that you have a higher chance to be featured in the media.

Frankly, most of our media friends are home, just like you. Their audience is demanding more content now that they have the time to consume it. Social media usage has even been up by 50% just these past couple of days. People are looking for content, and the media wants to give it to them, but need some help discovering you.

3. The majority of American’s are living by their cell phones for news updates.

What do you do when you want to figure out the current stats? Most likely, you pick up your phone and Google it. We’re already always using our phones, but now we have a good excuse to do so. Finally, you can get through a majority of your news feed with little to no interruption.

4. Journalists, anchors, writers and news personalities were sent home which means that more time will be sent checking emails.

As a PR professional, I’m used to receiving a lot of ‘OOO’ emails. However, this past couple of weeks, I’ve noticed more responses and higher open rates. Social distancing has been very encouraged, and now many media members are working out of their living rooms. This seems like the perfect time to aim for ‘inbox zero’ type of dreams. There’s a good chance the media will see your email.

5. The world is truly becoming digital and there is a huge opportunity to be a content creator to teach and inspire new audiences.

Everyone being sent home can be seen as an opportunity to let technology do what it was made for, and connect us together. Many of us are using apps and services on our phones and electronics to stay in touch, but this is also a great time to work on your personal brand. People are looking for content right now.

6. Thousands of Americans are working for home for the first time ever and they feel isolated and are needing inspiration on how to work from home.

As someone who has worked remotely for a few years now, I can still recall the rough transition period without adding a global pandemic to the equation. Working from home isn’t for everyone, but at this point, most people don’t have any other choice. They are navigating their way in the experience and are looking for help and advice on the significant change.

7. Consumers are spending more time scrolling Facebook and Instagram–they are stressed, so, the brands that provide the most support and inspiration will rise through the tide.

In case you haven’t noticed, most of us using social media to get through these times are looking for mindful and meaningful content and people. There’s enough stress at the moment, what can you do to help them through the day or inspire them while they navigate working from home? Now is a good time to resonate with your audience and provide them with useful feedback, as well as share what you or your brand is doing to stay safe during this time.

8. In-studio interviews are not happening anymore which means there is a huge opportunity to secure Skype or call-in interviews.

Right now there is a high need for content, and newsrooms are using modern technology to their advantage. While we’re social distancing, we still need to communicate and get our news fix. No need to get a plane to a faraway, big-city newsroom when you have a strong Wi-Fi connection and a good webcam.

9. For entrepreneurs and companies that are passionate about giving back, creating a Corporate Responsibility Program for the current pandemic, or even promoting certain charities is a great way to highlight positive ways to give back.

Put the attention on something positive that will also catch people’s attention. We are in major need of ‘happy’ news right now making it the perfect time to share any of your for-good components. Your customers want to know about the good news you have to share.

10. People are looking for informative ways to get involved.

If you have an opportunity to share imperative information on making a difference during this health pandemic, then by all means, please do share! Consumers are going to be more willing to resonate and respond, or even share your information as well. There’s a significant need for ways that everyday people can help during times like these. Be sure to share your message on all platforms.

This week Publicity For Good has secured 37 media opportunities for clients highlights include: 

Fox, Create & Cultivate, Business Insider, Glamour, TODAY Online, Forbes, Wall Street Journal, Wine Enthusiast, and more! Now is the time to reach out and engage with your audience, not step back.

Heather DeSantis is the CEO of Publicity For Good a purpose-driven PR firm, Forbes 30 Under 30 nominee and is currently running her PR firm from an Airstream.