Sometimes an office job with 9 to 5 working hours can take its toll on your body. Various signs are appearing such as gaining weight, reporting sick many times, or just feeling fatigued and sluggish throughout the working day. Although it might not be possible to break away from the 9 to 5 routine at the moment, there are several workarounds available for maintaining your health in good condition and keeping the body in tip-top form. Other diseases such as diabetes, obesity, back pain, and depression are common occurrences even among youth. Here are some tips to stay healthy.

1. Prioritizing eating well: You need to consume home-cooked food that is rich in healthy protein and vegetables because it is the best way of staying healthy and energetic during the day. As you are cooking your meals at home you have more control over being overweight because you can decide the ingredients of the food. After you get to your home you can cook a meal rather than flopping down on your couch. This will ensure that you are eating better. This will also provide an opportunity to get creative in the kitchen and that is a good change from daily routine.

2. Use a cubicle workout routine: Most employees have an hour’s lunch break. You can take a power walk on the office exterior. Were you going to send an email to one of your colleagues? Just rather walk down to his desk and talk to him. If you sit in a chair for long working hours it will slow down the metabolism and will lead to you getting a stiff back. The more you are capable of breaking away from the sitting sessions the better it is for your health.

3. Remain hydrated: Consuming clean drinking water at regular intervals is quite significant during working hours. Apart from keeping you hydrated and fresh this also aid in keeping you away from overeating. Try to consume at least 8 to 10 glasses of clean water during your 9 to 5 office working hours. You will gradually observe that the craving for constant food consumption will go down a great deal. This will automatically lead to a reduction in junk food intake. You may install aqua systems in the office that will help in providing clean water through filtration.

4. Yoga at the office: It is a fact that several office workers end up developing back issues. Having a stiff back leads to worsening your mood and making it impossible to fall asleep at night. Do not allow the constant sitting at the desk to get the better of you. Grab all the opportunities available for standing up and engaging the back muscles in some kind of exercise. For example, you can receive a phone call standing up rather than sitting while gently bending the upper body on either side.

5. Improve the immune system: When you are working in an office 9 to 5 together with several people it is going to expose you to several germs. This could have been avoided if you were to stay at home or spend your day outside. Significantly, you maintain your immune system in good shape. You need to consume vegetables that are rich in nutrients and try to get sufficient sleep at night together with a lot of water. Keep on washing your hands at regular intervals.

6. Try to skip the happy hour: If you can skip the happy hour, it will not only be good for your finances but your health as well. When you are spending a major portion of your day sitting down, those beer calories are just likely to add inches to your belly. A lot of people find social value in going to happy hours. Try to find a healthy alternative for happy hour. For example, you can meet with friends and go jogging rather than consuming more food.


9 to 5 desk jobs also offer some health advantages for certain occupations such as there is less probability of being exposed to difficult or hazardous working conditions. The regular working hours also make it simpler to keep to a healthy sleep schedule. However, several people find their health deteriorating after a few hours in the office. With a bit of effort, you can achieve a healthy lifestyle even at 9 to 5 office work.