As a business leader, you might always be thinking about ways you can get ahead of the competition. You can often learn these ways by listening to other business leaders in the same or different industry than your own. However, how do you learn about these ways if you aren’t directly talking to leaders?

Fortunately, business leaders often talk about their daily struggles and successes through various methods. Take a look at some of these resources you can use to become better at being a business leader.


When a business leader wants to talk for an extended period of time, they typically will go on a podcast. Podcasts are long video or audio talk shows in which one or more hosts naturally will bring on a guest to talk about various topics. This will be useful for you as you’re likely to get a glance at their daily work life and what they have been doing recently to be successful at their company.

Podcasts can also be much better than traditional interviews, as guests are typically rushed in podcasts to give out answers before cutting to a commercial break. Think about listening to podcasts if you’re interested in learning the news about what a business leader is currently doing.


Whether a business leader is currently being successful or retired from a long time in business, they may end up writing a book about themselves. Books can be fantastic resources for business leadership as you can learn certain skills and traits that a business leader proved to be useful through daily work. Books can also be better than getting an interview from someone else, as a business leader might be more willing to answer harder questions if they can take time and word their answers carefully in their own books. Consider reading books from prominent business leaders if you’re looking to get advice on how you can successfully run your own business.


If you have a busy schedule, you might not be able to take a look at long-form content like podcasts or books regularly. However, some short-form content can be better suited for you, whether you have a lunch break or just some minutes to spare at the end of the day. As a business leader, you should take a look at interviews when searching for short-form content.

With interviews, you can get a good glimpse of the current life of a business leader without diving too much into what they are doing. This will help you look at current trends, feelings, and the future of whatever industry you’re currently working in. Interviews can also help you get a quick glimpse into businesses from all other kinds of industries, helping you think if you should switch industries or not. Look more into recent interviews with business leaders if you’re looking for short-form content that will entertain and inform you.