As everyone adapts to the ‘new normal’ and learn to live with COVID-19, the mental health of workers should be a priority for all employers.  It is easy to assume that the mental wellbeing of your employees has nothing to do with the success of your business. But the mental health condition of your workforce impacts everything from productivity to safety in the workplace.

Even though awareness is increasingly growing every other day, this is not enough to foster good mental health at work. Since mental wellbeing fluctuates as circumstances change, employers must strive to create a workplace environment that allows employees to thrive. Here are top tips business leaders can employ when looking to create a mentally healthier workplace.

  • Openly Speak About Mental Health at The Workplace

The first step to dealing with a problem is acknowledging it exists.  Things are not any different when it comes to mental health at the workplace since you must speak candidly about it.  Remember, some of the workers who pretend to be okay may also be struggling with mental health problems but are shy to share with others.

Even though it’s hard to talk about your feelings at work, letting everything out can work wonders for your mental health.  Business leaders should also ensure their managers have the necessary training to detect the signs of mental health issues. That way, they can respond in the best possible manner if one of the employees seems to be battling mental health problems.

  • Design a Mental Healthy Workplace Environment

How you choose to design the workspace speaks volumes about the current mental state of your workforce. You want your employee to feel energized and uplifted, and this is a dream that will never turn to reality if they have to make do with a dull work environment.  In short, try as much as possible to make the work environment friendly and comfortable.

To pull this off, incorporate art, plants, and even add clipart images in their workspace. Keep in mind art is a huge investment move in your company. Not only does it create a workspace environment that allows workers to feel comfortable, but also boosts productivity. Better, it fosters good mental health.  So, add genuine works of art and photography, or opt for clinched images of achievement and see how they’ll work wonders on the mental health of your workforce.

The Bottom Line

Even the slightest of changes you make at the workplace can improve the mental health of your employees. Candidly speak about mental health, incorporate art in the workplace, and have mental health programs in place.  Since well-being includes both the mind and body, you can also incorporate resources that allow for preventative health and physical wellness.

It is never too late to create a mentally healthier workplace for your employees. Start today and see how the changes you make will improve employee productivity and propel your business to greater heights in no time.