Creativity is the ability to think out of the box and materialize the ideas in innovative manner. Creative professionals are a must for organizations desirous of surviving competitive global business landscape. Cutting-edge ideas spring from the fountainhead of creativity. As employees stretch their creative imagination and flex their creative muscles, newer avenues for business expansion surface. Innovation and creativity complement each other. Hence, it is important that your organization adopts innovative management strategy to excel as a business entity.

Importance of Innovation in Entrepreneurial Pursuits

To promote a culture of innovation in organization, you need to make operational systems highly functional for employees. This calls for innovative management. You have to execute modifications in idealization, goal setting, practical implementation, resource management and production to achieve this.

For being successful, your organization needs to embrace creative business ideas for

  • Enhancing operational efficiency of intra-organization processes
  • Improving the quality of services offered to customers and stakeholders

The senior leadership and management team of your organization should devote resources for overhauling the functional dynamics of business. More efforts have to be employed for improving processes and systems by blending technological advances with creativity.

When a powerful innovative strategy is implemented, the results are

  • Motivated and more productive employees
  • Better overall customer satisfaction

To promote creative thinking in your business, you can build innovative management strategy by factoring in points discussed below.

Creativity Should Be Rewarded

You cannot expect success in everything. However, if you don’t dare to take risks, breakthroughs won’t happen. As part of management, you should

  • Accept failures
  • Allow employees to explore newer avenues for success
  • Offer the latitude for experimenting with new ideas

You should be forthcoming in rewarding creativity. This would make it clear that

  • Your focus is on promoting creativity
  • You desire to inspire professionals to validate new theories that have not been tested yet

Such an approach would be beneficial if your organization is in creative business domain such as branding, 3D visualization, animation production, virtual reality and augmented reality (VR & AR).

Invest on Collaborative Technology

For innovative ideas to flourish, you should create gateway for information to flow smoothly. This is possible by integrating efficient IT services with overall organizational infrastructure. This would result in

  • Smooth information sharing
  • Quicker access to information
  • Optimum employee engagement

Sponsor Creative Training Sessions

Creative team is at the core of implementing innovative ideas. If you want to promote inclination towards innovation among employees, you need to organize creative training programs for them. Such programs serve to improve employee motivation and help them work on ways of improving process efficiency and productivity.

Build A Creative Leadership

Workers draw inspiration from leaders. To foster innovative thinking, you must have leaders who can instill faith in the value of innovative ideation among subordinates and junior workers.

Promote An Environment That Inspires Innovation

If your organization loves innovation, you should ensure that processes and systems are seamlessly aligned to promote creative thinking at every stage. All departmental managers should brainstorm on ways to ensure better coordination among production, finance, IT and allied teams. This would result in optimum product/ service design, containing the expenses within allocated budget, and promoting better information flow with more IT enabled collaboration among business division. The innovation strategy would be successful if all systems and processes seamlessly complement each other.

Provide Flexibility in Rendering Professional Services

You would appreciate the fact that traditional working hours don’t suit everyone. You can offer

  • Flexible working hours
  • Opportunity to work from home

To increase the health, happiness and productivity quotients of employees.

You should

  • Set clear expectations for employees
  • Provide realistic deadlines for completing the work assigned
  • Provide avenues for efficient collaboration with team

Such an innovative strategy on your part would help in unlocking the potential of employees and make them more productive.

You should ensure that work related burnout does not take its toll on employees. There should be sufficient leisure period for employees to recharge their batteries.


You need to develop a culture of innovation within the organization by making it user-centric. This would help you align the organizational mission, vision, strategies, management values, key performance indicators, HR policies etc. with the aspirations of users. Users of organizational services are bother in-house employees and customers. Initiate every measure possible to ensure that employees feel motivated to innovate. Adopt an approach that is similar to upturned funnel where the ultimate beneficiaries of any strategic decision are the employees. This way your organization would be able to sustain in a competitive landscape.