It’s spring time, and summer is right around the corner. Now the kids are out for Spring Break, so some families are traveling while others opt for a “staycation.” Whether you’re on a long flight, or on a road trip with the children — be sure to keep them busy with toys that encourage their creativity, imagination, and eye and hand coordination. Choose toys that don’t need a lot of adult supervision, which is great for both working and stay at home parents. For others who want to encourage exercise, be sure to pick toys that promote physical and social play.

Here are some toys that kids will love that encourage, entertain and educate them.

LEGOs are fun building toys that inspire imagination, as a child learns to create and play with it. Parents love them, because they are for all ages — toddlers can stack larger blocks, while teens love the latest and greatest model, “Pirate Roller Coaster” This is a 3-in-1 model enables kids to build three different pirate themed carnival rides! This is the ideal LEGO set for any child or adult who love to build, especially something fun, like roller coasters. This amazing set (923 pieces) is ideal for kids ages 9 and up. Upon completion, it will be an incredible accomplishment and it makes an impressive display too. Kids will love to place it in their bedroom or playroom to show their friends. The roller coaster is full of pirate details and nautical touches, including carriages with a shark design, a sunken galleon, a skull archway, a cannon that fires water elements, an octopus hanging off the track, a palm tree, and so much more. The roller coaster’s twisting oval track and water splash feature will make it feel like a real amusement park. The kit also comes with many accessories to create a bigger carnival scene, such as a ticket booth and a balloon stand.

Thames and Kosmos toys endorse the STEM philosophy. This stands for Science, Technology, Engineering and Math. I love this philosophy about their toys. Some of my kids’ favorites are the chemistry kits called Ooze Labs UFO Alien Slime Lab, Ooze Labs Soap And Bath Bomb Lab and the Ooze Labs Chemistry Station. All these fun and educational toys are ideal for 6 year olds and up. They encourage kids to explore chemistry in a fun and creative manner. The UFO Alien Slime Lab and Soap And Bath Bomb Lab may sound messy but they are easy to clean up.

L.O.L. Surprise! (“Little Outrageous Little Surprise”) are my darling daughter’s and nieces’ favorite toys! I was very hesitant to let them into our home, because they are not cheap, as they average approximately $10 – $15 a ball. There are big surprise sets that are $69.99 and up, plus the dollhouse is $199. Doll houses have come a long way, and are here to stay! The fantasy role-playing goes on inside the miniature walls of the dollhouse. Also, kids love the toys’ glittery, dome shaped plastic cases, filled with 50 surprises to unwrap. These toys dig into my tight budget, but I’m ok with it after I realized that these toys actually teach kids a sense of ownership. It’s similar to collecting matchbox cars, sneakers, handbags or stamps. All collectors appreciate rare finds, because it is motivating, and the pure joy is priceless. So just imagine how great children can feel when they unwrap a rare, special limited edition L.O.L. Surprise!

ORB Slimi Cafe has the hottest squishies and slime, which are two of must-have toys for kids who want a creative, tactile, gooey good time! It’s for kids 8 years old and up. It comes in about ten different multi piece ORB Soft’n Slo Squishies, including a lattice-topped pie, a waffle stack, a cannoli, and so much more. Squishys are super satisfying, especially for stressed out parents too. For kids, its so fun to squeeze over and over, gain and again! The Slimi Café line has four types of ORB Slimi Café toppings (sold separately that comes in a squeezable, resealable pouch) to decorate the squishies. These toys are perfect for a vacations or weekend road trips, because the squishy satisfaction of squashing the multi-textured squish can be calming, fun or simply satisfying. The different toppings and the squishies don’t stick to each other, so kids can easily separate all the pieces to make new designs. The creation combinations are endless, and kids will definitely enjoy getting creative.

Buzz Bee Toys offers a new battery powered foam dart toy guns that are all the craze. Recently, it showcased its latest and greatest collection of dart toys at the New York Toy Fair. There were cute kids blasting away with the soft darts. It looked like so much fun that I couldn’t resist giving the plastic guns a try. I gifted the fun darts to my kids, nieces and nephews to play recently. Not only did both the children and adults had a blast, but they also benefited from:

i) Hands and Eyes Coordination; ii) Exercises Brain Cells and Boosts Concentration, when players keep accurate score, and getting into the right position; iii) Fun with the Family.

For more information or ideas on toys that are education and fun for the entire family, be sure to visit The Toy Insider’s Hottest List, and TTPM Most Popular Reviews.


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