In the last workshop that I facilitated, only 4 of the 20 people raised their hands admitting to making an effort of meditation practice at home. Then they all stated that they have tried (and failed) to meditate by sitting in silence. FYI… This is quite possibly one of the most advanced ways of meditating. Do me a favor. As you are reading this right now, take a pause. Breath in, now breath out. Congratulations you meditated.

Mindfulness, being present and in the moment, is the only true way to relieve stress. Meditation is the practice of doing something mindfully. This doesn’t have to be complex. I, for one, cannot add another task to my morning routine or my day. The moment that I make meditation a task that I need to complete, it will fall to the wayside and become less important. Instead, I make an active effort to find other ways to practice meditation through mindfulness in every day things.

My favorite example is when I drive to the gym in the morning. Often times it is dark and I will turn the radio off. I will place both hands on the wheel and give myself sensory directives. I will ask myself what I see, feel, taste, smell, and hear. I will guide myself through my drive saying, “I see two yellow lines in the road. I feel the smooth steering wheel on my hands. I smell the scent of a skunk. I hear the air through the vent. I taste the toothpaste in my mouth.”

Everyone goes somewhere during the day. I challenge you to take notice of your senses doing one simple thing every single day. Train your brain and extended mindfulness sessions will become much easier.