With the current coronavirus pandemic impacting both our personal and professional lives, many companies and organizations are struggling to find ways to keep up team morale while trying to adapt to the new normal.

Companies and CEOs are being faced with roadblocks that are hindering their employees from being successful, which impacts the organization’s success. C-Suite executives are having trouble managing their team’s time and productivity, while managers are trying to micromanage their staff which can create a sense of distrust and unnecessary stress on their employees.

During this time, company leadership can become caught up in their own worlds trying to keep the organization running smoothly, that they neglect their employees that are also adapting to this new change. A company’s staff members want to be understood, but it is up to the C-Suite executives to take the time to understand. It can be easy for a CEO to focus on the completion of the task at hand, but life is more difficult than that.

At this time, leaders of companies have the opportunity to give their team members more time and compassion to get through this difficult time. These roadblocks that companies are still facing may seem never-ending, but Tonya Robertson, CEO of Focused Training Solutions, shares some solutions that will increase productivity within the company as well as boost team morale and avoid employee burnout.

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How Are You Doing?

“Host weekly check-ins with your staff, but do not solely discuss work but also ask about their well-being and how they are feeling during this time. This is something that many company leaders and top executives do not typically ask or think about,” stated Robertson.

In a work environment, you can get so caught in the routine of clocking in working, and clocking out, without taking the time to check-in on your staff and making sure they are doing well. Increasing your consideration for your team is crucial

Asking them how their week is going or how you can support will make all the difference. Taking the time to connect with your team and get to know them outside of work will make a substantial difference as well within your company culture.

Provide Incentives

Providing incentives when tasks are completed in a timely manner will increase productivity and help team members stick to their deadlines.

“Right now, employees around the world are battling virtual fatigue, which can be caused by overloading staff with meetings, to avoid this consider sending more emails instead of creating more meetings,” stated Robertson.

Also, companies and organizations have to allow more flexibility and empathy when it comes to completing tasks and deadlines. People’s homes are becoming their permanent workspaces and schooling environments and there have to be more opportunities for employees to break and deal with other responsibilities as well as adapt to this new normal.

Constant Communication

“Lastly, make sure that the line of communication between employees and company leadership is always open past the deadlines. Staff members want to make sure that they can ask questions and be heard anytime throughout the company,” said Robertson. 

Employers and C-Suite executives who put ample amounts of energy to keep communication consistent at work will lead to greater productivity, efficiency, and overall morale within the organization. These solutions should be able to help your staff members increase productivity, avoid burnout, and boost morale.