Traits of Business Owners - Steven Lewis Weiner - Thrive Global

There’s no doubt about it; starting your own business is perhaps the most common dream for people. So, why then do only a handful pursue this goal and find success? Being a business owner is one tough job. It would help if you overcame (some over and over) to find yourself in a favorable position indeed. All this begins with building a certain number of traits. 

Risking it All

When a person is successful, they are often told that they are smart. However, speak to any business leader, and they will tell you that they were taking the risk many times, not knowing the outcome. Being able to risk failure is the number one trait a business owner should have. This is what determines if you’re going to remain stagnant or pass the competition.

Setting Goals

Being able to risk in business is undoubtedly an important trait, but you only get there once you have achieved your previous goals. Goals should be the first thing you apply to your business before you even open your doors. This allows you to understand what you are working towards every day. Failure to do so can almost ensure that your doors will close. So, take the time to sit with your staff or business partners and craft well-formed business goals that everyone can get on board with.


One of the most common reasons why businesses fail is that the owner lost motivation. Understandably, it can be tough when you’re the only one taking the financial risk. Take the time to study your thoughts and situation. You may even seek the help of a business mentor to obtain assurance.

Financial Literacy & Focus

Tracking and learning about your finances might not be the most glamorous part of running a business, but it is the most important. You must understand where every dollar is being spent and why it’s being spent. You would be surprised just how many businesses are forced to close their door because they had no idea they were overspending.