Entrepreneurs aren’t like most people. They have a way of looking at things that enable them to come up with new and innovative products, services, or concepts. Yet, there are some traits that all successful entrepreneurs share. Here are just a few of them.

They See Patterns: This ability to see patterns where everyone else sees randomness is called apophenia and it’s why the ideas entrepreneurs devise are so unique. It helps them foresee a solution to a problem and that’s how their ideas are born.

They’re Lazy, Yet Brilliant: An entrepreneur will look for the easiest way to perform a task because he or she doesn’t want to work hard. This brings up new ideas that might not have been considered but will change our methods for the better.

They Like Notes: Everyone from Thomas Edison to Bill Gates had a passion for taking notes. Entrepreneurs often keep a notebook or notepad with them, because they never know when an idea will strike. Any thought that occurs to them gets jotted down on paper.

They Strive for Perfection: Entrepreneurs know they will never attain perfection, but that doesn’t keep them from working toward that lofty goal. By working for perfection in everything they do, they can progress and improve. While they may never realize that ultimate goal, the advancements they make along the way are worth the effort.

They Embrace Fear: While most people try to avoid fear, the really innovative entrepreneurs embrace it and take advantage of it. They know that fear brings a greater sense of awareness and a hunger to succeed at any cost. This is what drives them to continue and push past their failures.

They Try to Improve the World: Instead of tackling something after it breaks, entrepreneurs are looking for ways to build upon things that are already working. While a system or product may function fine, the entrepreneur anticipates a way of making it better. Most innovations are born out of this desire to improve on past successes.

These traits set entrepreneurs apart from most other people by giving them the insights to succeed in their projects. While others may see these traits as oddities or eccentricities, the most successful entrepreneurs take advantage of them and turn them into tools. Utilizing these talents and insights, they come up with new products and services that help advance our culture.