The contemporary world has transformed the lives of people in manifold ways and considering the business world, every business expects to reach zenith by expanding the business worldwide and making mammoth profits. Having intricate details about the business market, most enterprises are not completely satisfied by only making financial gains but they deem that their venture should bring some additional benefits in multifarious ways. An illustration of this kind of business is Dom which is also referred to as @Premium on Instagram which is managed by a successful entrepreneur who has accomplished name and fame around the globe. 

Dom has set a foundation for a company named ‘Bless’ and the main factor holding this business is faith. This enterprise can be bifurcated into E-commerce, Social Media, and work which is not profitable. The founder states that a lot of inspiration and motivation assisted me in bringing my brand into the market and this was only possible because of my relationship with Jesus. Also, this enterprise is associated with Romans 10:15. This implies that the person who brings the good news may always be blessed with the best in every aspect of life.

Dom’s idea brought his venture into the business world at the growing stage when he and his family were lacking behind in many ways and it was not at all an easy task for them. Dom was born in an Italian family in New York and the gloomy thing about him was that he was suffering from type-one diabetes however, he managed to survive during this horrible experience in the early stage of life by God’s Grace. Dom and his family had undergone a period of trials and tribulations as the trials made him understand the significance of resilience. Besides, he decided to live his life with purpose and intentionality. 

The entrepreneurial journey of Dom commenced in 2006 when he ran in a pair of ‘Fire Red’ sneakers named Air Jordan 4. He made a mind of wearing those sneakers a few times than selling it to the public. Dom made his first sale by selling those sneakers for $100 and shares his first experience of selling something in the market. Then after a certain period, he realized that he has got sorts of skills which can assist him to resell things in the market. Initially, he started visiting local thrift stores, camping for releasing sneakers and building a reputation as a trusted eBay seller. Moreover, he has accomplished Power seller status on eBay in no time and from that moment, he began e-commerce around the world. And, in the present time and age, this business related to sneakers has become the keystone of his career. 

When he was finding ways to achieve success through e-commerce, Dom has worked for an ample number of years in the healthcare industry and behavioural health counselling as a marriage and family therapist. Considering his credentials, he holds a Master’s in Social Work and this was accomplished at the age of 23. After attaining a Master’s degree, he has worked within an interdisciplinary health team to assist children, youth, and families overcome mental illness and find a life full of meaning and purpose.

Following his passion, he continued to make massive profits by flipping several items and venturing into distinct categories of products. After working passionately towards his goal, in November 2012, he founded an Umbrella company and named it ‘Bless’. Over time, Dom embarked on working with celebrities such as Mr. Olympia’s Phil Heath, Mr. Olympia’s Jeremy Buendia, YBN Nahmir, Lecrae Moore, Hulk Hogan, Trey Kennedy, and many other athletes, celebrities, and influencers.

After experiencing success in the business, Dom began thinking of unique ways by which his company could yield benefits for the community. In 2020, Sneakerhead and the entrepreneur will be commencing a clothing line with the aid of a give-back model. This business perspective will be fruitful in many ways because every sale made will drop ten percent of the total amount to mitigate social causes to a great extent. Besides, the e-commerce store has helped organizations like Kabod International, a family restoration program in Belize, and Save the Children, which raises awareness and fights against human trafficking. Apart from this, Dom’s company is of the view that frequent donations should be made to charities and advocacies that tackle issues like fatherless homes, homelessness, and mental illness.

Suffice to say, Bless’s heart holds a fundamental perception that a community must be created around everything that has to deal with sneakers, social media, entrepreneurship, and faith. However, community-building will always be a priority and his passion will continue to excel in posterity. Also, he deems that his efforts and hard work will build a close-knit family that supports one another and finds ways to impact the world.