When you step on the path of transformation and spirituality, you may experience many different things. Each one of us will have a completely individual journey.

You may find yourself healing emotionally. Often this healing will refer to issues you believed to be already dealt with. However, once you start becoming more aware of yourself, your emotions and your priorities, unexpected things may start floating to the surface of your consciousness, and you will be able to finally give them closure.

Once you have been through this process, you may find that you are able to help others do the same. This happens automatically; the more clarity you have, the more people will connect with the harmony and balanced energy you emit. 

When you operate with low energy, you find it difficult to make decisions or think with clarity. It is a bit like being ill: when we are unwell our body is off balance. We feel weak and unable to undertake our daily tasks. So we rest, or take medicine if required, and the balance is restored. Similarly, if it is our mind that is off balance, due to stress, anxiety or excessive tiredness perhaps, then we need to restore the balance in order to focus and gain clarity and peace. This can be done by increasing the amount of prana, or vital energy, in our body, and practices that focus the mind such as meditation or reciting a mantra, are key to achieving this. 

When our vital energy is reduced, we can feel lost or disorientated. People can be in conflict all their life – through a lack of clarity and inner peace. 

This is why a mantra is used; it helps to focus the mind and develop a higher connection. 

In order to transform your life, you will need to be prepared to make a commitment to the process. At times, especially at the beginning, it may feel like you aren’t progressing at all, but you need to trust in the process and be patient. There are no short cuts, to get the results you need to do the work. Instead of focusing on the results, just keep doing your practice every day, enjoy the journey and one day you will suddenly realize just how far you have come.  

In this digital age, we expect everything to be immediate.  But this is a gradual process and the magic is happening behind the scenes, in your consciousness, so you won’t be aware of it at first. However, if you keep focused ad committed, you will reach your objective. 

So, it is important not to think too much. Just focus on the practice and do whatever you can each day, being as present as you can on the here and now.

Sometimes in spiritual practice, life becomes more difficult. You may experience emotional ups and downs or even mild physical symptoms such as headaches or unexplained tiredness. This is because the practice makes you more aware of your innermost thoughts, needs and feelings, or emotions and issues that you had boxed away but that still require closure. It’s a bit like cleaning out the garage: in order to get a nice, clean and tidy space, you have to deal with all the dirt and mess.  That can be hard work which is why we procrastinate about doing it! But only by going through all the items one by one, cleaning the ones we want and getting rid of the surplus, can we have a nice, clean garage. And the same goes for our emotional wellbeing. If we want to be happy and free from anxiety, we need a clean, calm and ordered mind. 

A commitment to a regular practice such as meditation will help you to achieve this.