With everything that has transpired this year, many of our societal systems have gone through some level of transformation – how we shop, how we teach our children at school, how we run businesses, how we save money, how we socialize, and more have been effected. During the stay-at-home orders, we were obliged to either be by ourselves in our homes or sharing the home all the time with our family members. Our situations have connected some of us and distanced others. If we had the time and inclination, we noticed what really mattered to us like physical safety, financial security, mental health, maintaining community and connections, and focusing on our relationship with ourselves. There is no doubt that this transformation is ongoing.

Even without a pandemic we are all evolving and growing everyday based on the situations we find ourselves in, the dedication and discipline we employ to reach our goals, and other factors. Yet this type of transformation we find ourselves in now calls for us to dig a bit deeper to match the challenge of what lies before us. We may find matters of the heart like our belief systems, our faith in humanity, our faith in ourselves and so much more may be questioned and revamped. Are we ready for this transformation?

Some may say we don’t really have a choice in the matter, but when it comes to our own personal transformation, we most certainly do have a choice. All that we’ve encountered this year so far is helping us strip down surface topics that needed to be exposed so we could create the space to delve in more profoundly to more applicable, heartful solutions and ways of being. We’re being called to sink into the depths of our inner beings. As we do so, we find different or new ways of balanced living that we can bring to the world. Such an inner exploration can be life changing.

As we go within and accept this transformation, understanding the opportunity, and on some level the responsibility we have to transform, more questions arise. Are we committed to this transformation? What are we willing to let go of or change? What are we looking forward to shifting as part of this transformation? Which emotional reactions are we ready to stop? How accountable do we choose to be for our role in this global transformation?  What is our individual Truth that we know we must follow?

If we haven’t already, we can take stock now and contemplate answers to these questions. Any thoughts we ponder that potentially upgrade our current existence, now is the time to give them life and start implementing them.

Yes, we are leaving some things behind and to some extent we will likely not go back to the previous normalcy. Let’s take some time to grieve the past if we need to so we can ease into the next moments with excitement and confidence. We are fully equipped. We have the tools; we have the support. We may not know today at this moment which steps to take for what we wish to transform, however, it is like riding a wave. We can go with the flow and keep our thoughts upward, focusing on the goodness of it all and we will be led to the how, the when and everything we need to know.

With that, yes, I believe we ARE ready for this transformation. We ARE ready for the change we wish to be in this world. Let’s join hands and hearts and create what our souls are yearning for, together.

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